Bonnie And Clyde

Bonnie And Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde is based on the true stories of the gangster pair Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow who in the 1930s began robbing banks in U.S. cities until they were eventually killed. The film is a major landmark in the aesthetic movement known as the New Hollywood.

The film content: Bonnie And Clyde tells a story about two vagrants accidentally meet each other and become mixed doubles famed bank robber hunted across America. However, the daredevil duo still escape the pursuit of law. Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bonnie And Clyde torrent reviews

Sameer P (de) wrote: I'll definitely not miss not being able to watch the ending of this movie...

Ian M (nl) wrote: This movie is soooooo smug it's irritating. An average movie that seems to take itself too seriously. I just find it sooo pretentious & how can you keep being such an intolerable bell-end? I'm sure a lot if us would try the pill however...

Bruce B (ag) wrote: I miss the whole point of this movie, and rather then watch it a second time, I rather have pins stuck in my eyeballs, The best part of the movie was the line about the wine nats on the unemployment office. Could Matt Dilon fall any lower. 1 star

Jessica H (mx) wrote: the script may be weak, but the actors pull it off.

Ernst M (it) wrote: This was my introduction to Gary Oldman and he is what makes this moviea least interesting.

Paul L (nl) wrote: My torrid love affair with Jodie Foster: where it all began.

Patrick M (it) wrote: This is the role Vincent Price was born to play. It's a really fun movie, delightfully gory and intentionally campy.

Laurie T (mx) wrote: Stark pyramids of salt, austerely beautiful salt miners (Women in bleached white muslin, men doing back-breaking labor in white suits and straw hats).

bill s (es) wrote: Story of the lost trying to find their way....sometimes suceeds sometimes does'nt.