In a quiet Connecticut town, a kindly priest is murdered while waiting at a street corner. The citizens are horrified and demand action from the police. All of the witnesses identify John Waldron, a nervous out-of-towner, as the killer. Although Waldron vehemently denies the crime, no one will believe him. District Attorney Henry Harvey is then put on the case and faces political opposition in his attempt to prove Waldron's innocence. Based on a true story.

The true story of a prosecutor's fight to prove the innocence of a man accused of a notorious murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark d (ca) wrote: 12th Tribeca Film Festival Best Actress Valeria Bruni Tedeschi WonBest Narrative Feature Paolo Virz Nominate

Iris L (ca) wrote: a story of friendship and love among three friends set against political upheaval in Taiwan. The story opens in 1985 when the three friends are in high school and Taiwan is under martial law, moves on 5 years later, when they are in University in Taipei, being active in "clean democracy" movement, and spans an era of radical changes to bring us to present time. When the story opens Mabel is in love with Liam - (who is at the time a closet gay at the time) - who is in love with Aaron, who is in love with Mabel. The dynamics among the trio will evolve and change together with the social and political changes in the background. But throughout the changes, Mabel has in incredible force on the shape of the relationships, and in that, it reminded a bit of "Jules and Jim."Performances by the three lead actors are fabulous. But I especially loved Gwei Lun-Mei as Mabel. She is fragile and strong at the same time, she is playful and serious about life around her, and matures to a thoughtful woman. I also liked Rhydian Vaughan as Aaron, the mixed race young man who is the object of both Liam and Mabel's affections as the movie progresses. But it was Joseph Hsiao-Chuan Chang as Liam who won best actor for his complex portrayal of Liam, in the 2012 Taipei film festival.

Molly K (gb) wrote: I was expecting something laughably bad, but it actually was watchable. Certainly not a good movie - the script was pretty bad, the camera work was amateurish, and I admittedly only watched the first forty minutes, but i can see how it would appeal to a certain audience. And it's not without its charms - the guy playing Billy Graham is immensely likable, and like I said, it's watchable. It's just not very good and doesn't have much to offer if you're not a fan of the man himself. I've heard complaints about inaccuracies as well, but I don't know much about Rev. Graham's life, so I can't really comment.

Abby T (mx) wrote: Great acting, great material, an overall fun film.

Robert R (de) wrote: this movie is for me is just ok

Rory G (mx) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this film and the insights it showed. As to its accuracy, only those on the inside would know for sure, but it certainly presents as plausible. Some of the scenes are memorable, such as Gates being castigated by Jobs for pirating his OS, and Gates negotiating to supply an OS he didn't yet have.

Tuomas V (ru) wrote: A great cast can't save a film with a horrific plot and setting. Luckily I got the remastered version of the film.

Paul D (fr) wrote: A competent crime noir with Novak and MacMurray, neither of which are electryfying in their roles, but the plot is strong enough to hide this.

KIm A (es) wrote: I love the tap! So much fun to watch, highly recommend.

Jackson M (de) wrote: It can be so stupid it's funny...occasionally.

ndra K (kr) wrote: My Fac Actor in the movie.

John M (br) wrote: Watched this cheesy gem last night and loved every minute of it! I had the opportunity to talk to Bert I. Gordon a few years ago. He told a story about Joan Collins refusing to go into the water so he just shoved her in while the camera was rolling!