Boot Polish

Boot Polish

Two orphans are forced into the streets of Bombay to beg by their abusive aunt. They takes up shining shoes but are separated from each other.

Preteen brother and sister, abandoned by their father to care of an abusive prostitute aunt, survive life in an Indian squatters' camp, aided by a friendly cripple, by learning to shine shoes instead of begging. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin C (ag) wrote: Just had nothing for me. Guess you have to really know/care about the subject to enjoy it.

Dilhara A (kr) wrote: I didn't find any good use of the addition of the smarty-pants kids in this movie. McPartlin, on the other hand, was very welcome eye candy. It's an enjoyable watch.

Marvin R (mx) wrote: I actually started watching this on Stars, but wasn't able to focus on it like i wanted to. So, I will update this once I've seen it in its entirety.

LiYing L (fr) wrote: I love everything that Shirley did on the screen. The atmosphere is beautiful -- it's like the rainy afternoon that I watched movies in a dark, quiet rooom of my parents house. I miss those days. The music is wonderful, and the story is fascinating as well.

Erica D (ca) wrote: I have no idea why I watched this wasn't that bad...I couldn't sleep that night and it didn't put me to sleep so that's saying something. Isabelle Huppert is a great actress, and the plot of this film was engaging enough.

Andrew B (us) wrote: This film is, to put it simply, horrible. Bad acting, plot holes, horrible set designs and costumes, and scenes that make you feel uncomfortable. This film depressed me when I first saw it.

Amy K (kr) wrote: Absolutely loved this portrayal of life and it's insanity and all of our lack-luster attempts at finding purpose in everyday life.

Steven G (kr) wrote: Reminds you that Hockey is not about being a fancy skater and having the best stick skills like what you see nowadays.Its about giving your heart out there on the ice and fight to win!Its a good ol' hockey game.

Tony V (jp) wrote: NOPE!!!!!!!! This is what I HATE!!!! I did not get it!!!!