Boothayyana Maga Ayyu

Boothayyana Maga Ayyu

Story between Ayya and Gulla Must watch who takes a simple quarrel to court and what happens next

The setting is a village, where the village headman is a miser and does business by giving loans to poor farmers on heavy interest. The villagers hate him. The village headman has a son who is good to begin with but after his fathers death goes the father's way. The protagonist in the movie is another villager who is a friend of village headman's son. The clash between these two leading to the doom of both of them forms the rest of the story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William James S (br) wrote: A cute and clever cast can't make up for the fact that this movie is not for grownups, or any one else for that matter. I'm to old for this silliness.

John A (kr) wrote: We were hit with extreme meh over it. sorry & all that.

Chris P (fr) wrote: What is this? It's funny but I don't think in the way it's supposed to be

Heather M (de) wrote: This movie joins the 'so bad it's good' club.

Dyron W (mx) wrote: More balls out crazy and gleefully nonsensical (sometimes to a fault) than its predecessor, Crank 2 is obviously aware of what movie it is and rolls with it.

TheSecond P (kr) wrote: Good thing I caught this on TV,renting it would have made me regret the money spent!

Kevin S (ag) wrote: Come on people, this is drug movie gold. A cult classic with a great cast, soundtrack, and realism. Yeah, the plot could have been better but the camera shots are great. And a cameo from the Metal God incarnate? RIP *nikki*

Lilian W (fr) wrote: too many repeated shots and while it was attempting to be emotionally compelling, it wasn't visually stunning! But ?milie Dequenne was marvelous

Jason D (gb) wrote: Cult director of schlock and semi-sleaze low-budget films, Fred Olen Ray, comes from the school of quantity over quality, as Ray excelled in dishing out low-budget film after the other, especially throughout the 80's, with most of them being silly, moronic, and downright ridiculous. Wizards of the Demon Sword is no exception, as it has damsel in distress Heidi Paine running from the evil wizard Lard Khoura and his men who are just about to capture her until a charming hunk swordsman (Blake Bahner) saves her and the two embark on a journey to rescue her father and an almighty blade (both from Lord Khoura) that is capable of unlocking evil powers. The two run afoul of a seedy slave trader played by the late, great Lawrence Tierney (Reservoir Dogs) is a small comical role that's easily the best part about this dumb movie. They also meet a grand holy man, mutant highwaymen (one of which is Michael Berryman playing a half-assed, super-brief version of his character from the original Hills Have Eyes), and (once again) stock footage dinosaurs from the Planet of Dinosaurs movie that Ray so loves to put in his films. Aside from a couple of great titty shots (especially one by the beautiful Paine), appearances from Tierney & Berryman, and some hilarious boom mic shots, this movie is dull and buried in unfunny comedy and unamusing sword and sorcery action/storylines. Wizards of the Demon Sword definitely stands out amongst Ray's MANY film credits as one of his weaker moments.

Scott R (au) wrote: Until the final 20 minutes which are admittedly pretty good, it barely elicited a chuckle from me. Just dumb.

Cristina M (au) wrote: For all my Cultural Studies College students, Mural Painting students and future teachers in training, get ready this is the first film you will watch in my class! Highly recommend this film for anyone interested in cross-cultural relations, sociology and art in the historical and critical pedagogy perspective.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: It may not be my favorite Hitchcock film, but Tippi Hedren gave a dark and intense turn here that totally blew me away.

Anthony V (br) wrote: 50 years later and this film still has a powerful impact. Taut, tense, and suspenseful, this well directed, well-acted mystery keeps you engrossed until the last frame.

ZFran M (ag) wrote: Adaptacin del anime con mismo nombre, la vi subtitulada hace casi 2 aos pero la quera ver doblada, al doblarla pierde un poco el carisma, pero las voces son las realistas y plasman mejor a los personajes que la originales, que son algo chillonas y muy moas. Como pelcula es decente.