Sean Odkin loves to dance much to his fathers distain. When the woman he loves cannot return his love Sean goes in search of the only thing that can make him whole again and that is dancing.

The film is about Charismatic tap dancing Sean, who tries to find a way out of working at the steel mill. When failure brings him home he begins his own dance group wearing hardhats. He must then find inspiration in the steel mill he once tried to escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Annie S (fr) wrote: Shit... but I love meat, what do? This is heavy handed but still I guess overfishing is a bad thing

Gareth D (br) wrote: Disappointing. Yah it's gritty, the sound track is fantastic but it's too slow, disjointed and all over the place.

Christine P (fr) wrote: great movie. British film.British actors... insecurities, fears, ambitions, loves..soundtrack a plus. overall loved it!

Leocadio V (de) wrote: The movie could have had more action on it, the idea was good but didn't really accomplish anything.

Tim F (kr) wrote: Not a bad movie with a rather extensive plot and a suprising cast! As a dentist the more held back steve martin gets tangled up in a drugaffaire when a "patient" steals a lot of his provision. triying to get out, stumbling on unapropriate behavior and circumstances, lying eventually to the wrong person, this slap-stick, weird, slow beginning movie, gets you going for a while, ending in a combined satisfaction! good!

Armando P (mx) wrote: This novel based movie is much more than gore.

Sam C (us) wrote: Brilliant, original, doesn't age

Bowen E (kr) wrote: A wonderful film, elegant in its details and execution. Both Lothaire Bluteau and Aden Young deliver tremendous performances. Overwhelmingly emotional.

Michael W (fr) wrote: This is what happens when great filmmakers (Arthur Penn) get hold of an average script. The outcome generates a profoundly unique film that is great as it is absurdly-prude.A private detective takes a case from a old Hollywood actress. Her underage daughter has left home, she is later found with her step-father. The old detective (Gene Hackman) parents left him when he was a young boy, he grew up to become a private detective. He is so adhesive to his job, he even tracked down his long lost parents (this story is tolled in an incredible scene, that can not be duplicated into word). It would consciously stick with him forever- now each case he takes he doesn't give up until he solves it. Struggling for that success of solving a case, so strong his wife is having an affair another man. A great thriller/mystery, I may even say one of the best I have seen. Although I don't look out for the genre in the movies I watch, I may have a more particular eye for them now after this. A unexpected plot with an slight over the top twist but it did surprise me, with no idea were the film was going- what the conclusion or ending would be.Director Arthur Penn; I have only seen his other film Bonnie & Clyde; a film that is critically accepted as one of the greatest films in American cinema and another film I don't like- everyone's taste's are different but I hated that film, it bored me. This film could have easily been boring- but it wasn't, not once, it was close to be five stars rating for this blog, until I finished watch- it has an un-equally good ending to a amazing film.The director really, really like breasts, I mean to the point were every actress even underage (missing daughter) girl get's them shown. Not a damn thing wrong with it. Made the film even better in factAn excellent thriller, like I said one of the best. While watching I kept thinking the film is gonna be one of my favorite films, as well as a great thriller. But an ending is the single most important part to any story, although fulfilling- I would have given it highest rating possible if it had Hackman's character walking through the airport back to his wife.