Border Cop

Border Cop

US Border Patrol agent Frank Cooper is keeping a fine balance between doing his duty and empathizing with illegal Mexican border jumpers in 1970s California.

US Border Patrol agent Frank Cooper is keeping a fine balance between doing his duty and empathizing with illegal Mexican border jumpers in 1970s California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francis M (nl) wrote: A promising opening and a slow burning suspense period which turned into a brainless speed thriller! Some of the action moments are laughable, including the bag you just cant get rid off. Shoot the storyteller.

Amanda M (de) wrote: I saw this movie on tv so the many commercials probably took away from the effect. That being said, I did enjoy the movie and thought all of the actors, especially Liam Neeson, did a fine job.

Joao G (au) wrote: Fiquei um pouco chateado... filme depr total pagando pinta de dark-comedy. :-\

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Janet L (mx) wrote: A lovely, sensual movie with a nostalgic wistful air. Gong Li is luminous, glamorous and seductively elusive. I felt the onscreen chemistry was there between Gong Li and the handsome and elegant Jeremy Irons. I perceive this story to draw a parallel between the love affair between England and China that created the uniquely mysterious world of Hong Kong represented through the relationship between Gong Li and Jeremy Iron's characters. As England's influence fades, China discovers itself and becomes independent. This story came out during the time of the Hong Kong changeover so this love story metaphor reflects on Hong Kong as the symbol of the love affair between Chinese culture and western civilization. The story seems to be from a western perspective through the eyes of Jeremy Iron's character... Hong Kong is mythical, elusive, and hauntingly beautiful. Despite England's colonization, it retains the elusive-seeming nature of the Chinese culture from the western perspective.

Jason S (fr) wrote: I know this is cheesy 80's at its best. but I love this movie!

deb g (de) wrote: i totally loved this movie... i almost cried

Wendy N (jp) wrote: The movie actually had me gasping for fear of losing whisky cases off the back of an escaping truck. Now that's what I call a good film. Also, watch for the lovely moral message at the end of the film, you may just enjoy the hilarity of their attempt.

JeanLuc D (ru) wrote: One of my favourites, Rowan Atkinson always makes me laugh

Alec B (ru) wrote: It's the Coens at their most escapist, but still one of their most unique and assured efforts maintaining a dreamlike quality through it's utter absurdity.

D M (de) wrote: A wacky whodunnit cop drama. Ultra gory with Naked Gun-type humor. Troma fans should watch this to see how to make a movie like this actually good.