An ambitious Mexican-American gets mixed up with his boss"s neurotic wife.

Johnny Ramirez rises from bouncer to partner in Charlie Roark's border town casino. Charlie's wife Marie loves Johnny, but Johnny loves society woman Dale. Marie kills her husband, making ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bordertown torrent reviews

Kevin H (nl) wrote: What in the name of creation is that idiot Michael Bay doing? If you want to see a better movie just film a pack of firecrackers jammed inside a shoebox full of hotwheel toys.

Nikki D (au) wrote: Forgettable war film, no real substance.

Paul A (ru) wrote: If you watch the trailer you would be forgiven for thinking, as we did, that this is (an obviously) stupid film about a killer tyre that roams the streets killing people whilst being chased by the police.It sounds, and looks, utter crap, but in the way that it looks so sh*t it's good. However, that isn't actually the film you're going to get. The film you are going to get is nothing like that, the film you are going to get is so sh*t it's sh*tter.Only half of the film is a film about a killer tyre roaming the street killing people whilst being chased by the police. The other half is people stood in the desert watching all of this through binoculars. The people with the binoculars are watching actors acting out the film in front of them. The actors in the film however are trying to kill off the audience (the people watching through binoculars) so they can stop acting and go home.Yes you did read all that properly, the fact that it doesn't make sense isn't because you read it incorrectly but rather because it doesn't actually make any sense. However, none of this utter sh*t is hinted at in the trailer. If, as we were, you are tempted to watch this film for a laugh, don't. Watch Sharknado instead. That's sh*t but accepts it's sh*t and gives you sh*tness to laugh at. Rubber is sh*t, but the film maker is so pretentious he thinks that he will blur the lines of reality and make some sort of art deco masterpiece that functions as a commentary on the voyeuristic nature of the modern world. Instead he is just a ****. I will repeat that, Quentin Dupieux is a ****, an utter total and complete pretentious **** with the talent of a hedgehog that has been run over by a truck, and if I ever have the misfortune of meeting him I will forcibly feed him the aforementioned hedgehog.

Cameron F (es) wrote: Action suspense puts Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins stranded in a remote wilderness after a plane crash. With each passing day they go without rescue the more tense and strained their relationship with each other becomes. Yes, the performances in this movie are that good.

Paul Y (ag) wrote: They totally misrepresented and edited what my pastor (Dr. Dean) said and here is his rebuttal in part: In 2006 I, along with several members of my church, toured Israel where we were interviewed for this documentary. We were originally told the purpose of the film was to explain the strong support for Israel among evangelicals in the U.S. to foster greater dialogue and understanding between the political left and right. The filmmakers verbally assured us that we would be able to preview the final film before it was released for our approval. This did not happen. When we did see the film, I sent an eleven page list of suggested and necessary changes which were not implemented. I and those in my congregation who participated in this film were appalled at how the editing made us appear to hold views very different from those we actually hold. See his whole rebuttal at 'Dean Bible Ministries" to see how far off these filthy truth twisters are! They have no right twisting what others say to their own agenda!

Letcia Saoki L (jp) wrote: Sound horrible. Must watch.

Jeje W (mx) wrote: Hot Fuzz is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. With clever storytelling, smart writing, and outstanding direction, the movie makes for a great time. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are just amazing together in this movie. Their chemistry is perfect. The best thing about this movie is the comedy for sure, but I also admire how the movie knows exactly what it is. It is a cheesy, dumb, action movie that never takes itself seriously. And that's precisely what I'm looking for in this type of movie. Hot Fuzz gets a 10/10.

Mike W (ag) wrote: Awesome basketball story.

Michael T (es) wrote: If only all museum tours were this interesting; fascinating.

Lara G (ru) wrote: Not familar with this at all.

Erulisse A (it) wrote: A movie about the very different lives of children of different ages that feels a tad documentary-like. The stories are simplistic yet carries an underlying weight, and gives u a glimpse of life in a small French town during the 70s.

Tina S (au) wrote: 30 something high schoolers, it worked for Grease

Orlok W (kr) wrote: In 1924 Nathan Leopold and his friend/lover Richard Loeb were two wealthy young Chicagoans, from Jewish American families, who were extremely well educated. Both were believers in the theories (somewhat twisted) of Friedrich Nietzche regarding the idea of the superman. They believed that supermen could regard certain laws as being only meant for "little people", not supermen. One thing they felt they could ignore was the criminal code...and this included murder--Dean Stockwell is particularly good in this fictionalized version of the Leopold and Loeb murder and trial. Bradford Dillman is right there too. Their intensity is frightening... Welles as Clarance Darrow!!

Bastian T (it) wrote: only bad thing was the camera action

Khoi N (es) wrote: Charming, funny, and relatable, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is as genuine as coming-of-age movie can get. Elevated with excellent performances from the cast. This is probably my favorite teen movie.

Rob A (au) wrote: Fantastic performace by Cage

roger t (jp) wrote: Great role for the great Burt Lancaster. Very realistic crime drama. Strongly recommended.