Born Invincible

Born Invincible

A very arrogant white haired Thai Chi martial artist and two of his cronies wreaks havoc in a small village, terrorizing people and their families. Three local heroes team up to defeat the villainous three, but they have to find a secret weak point, which the Thai Chi master can choose and change at will.

Two warlord chiefs, a ton-fa wielder who can destroy an opponents weapon and a Tai Chi expert that is impervious to weapons, send a pair of killers to track down and kill an old master ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Born Invincible torrent reviews

Gina W (ru) wrote: Hard film to watch - but the cast performances were very good.

Nins L (fr) wrote: ^^ Wooow really great!I actually never liked Kristen a lot*To tell the truth,I kinda resent her*,but in this movie she's just amazing!But the one who was truly amazing was Dakota...she's just such a good actress!!I love her! <3

SteL P (jp) wrote: This is a piece of crap, everything is bad. Nothing related to the book.

Shava V (gb) wrote: The theme is interesting, but this movie is so slow and boring...

Harpreet S (gb) wrote: Lovely film, unlike Kurosawa's later works. A simple story about individual hope. Scenes I loved were the children baseball game and the rain scenes. Fine performances by the two leads. And, always love the breaking of the fourth wall.

DocRobin v (kr) wrote: Amazing and moving film -- a must see. We need to get music to everyone in . convalescent homes, it appears to be more effective the drugs. They find themselves again and come alive.

Walt W (us) wrote: What an incredible disappointment. I have never seen "based on the book" used so loosely before. Read the book; forget the movie.

Wiebke K (de) wrote: sequel to Monsters, and very similar to Alien Outpost, in its attempt to show what war is like when you are the alien while protecting people who may not want your protection.

Jeffrey P (br) wrote: I had no clue about the massive back story on Oswald. This does a great job telling the story of all the main characters in the JFK assassination while making it a gripping drama.