Born to Battle

Born to Battle

Good-natured troublemaker "Cyclone" Tom Saunders is hired by a ranchers' association manager to investigate recent cattle rustling at one of their ranches and to see if a pair of nesters have anything to do with it. After discovering the nesters, pretty Betty Powell and her rickety old father, are incapable of rustling, Tom instead turns his attention to the huge, swaggering bully of a foreman, Nate Lenox.

Good-natured troublemaker "Cyclone" Tom Saunders is hired by a ranchers' association manager to investigate recent cattle rustling at one of their ranches and to see if a pair of nesters ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kitty C (ca) wrote: don't like that world making me feel uncomfortable ... not much Toshiaki Karasawa :(

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: Interesting idea..poorly executed. I wasn't into it.

Korinne W (nl) wrote: Amazing acting, family realism at it's best, a Canadian film to be proud of! Great music to top it all off!

Tor M (us) wrote: Lars von Trier wrote a film and gave it to fellow countryman Thomas Vinterberg. Both has done exceptional movie work several times but this is something quite different: It's nothing special. Well, it's a group of younger kids and their love for guns. There are some trouble and there are some action, but there is no great momentum here.Dick - our main guy, is some kind of loser and his friends are no big guns (hoho) either. When their intrest of guns escalate there are some sort of turn here, and it's them against the world.It's hard for me to stay interested and it's not thrilling or entertaining. Not a inspirational or heartfelt film either. The idea that this is a anti-film put against the USA's love of guns are alive but not supported by many - me included. It felt half-hearted, but I'm guessing there are some hidden meanings here. I never got it, and I never bothered to google it.4 out of 10 targets.

Cade H (nl) wrote: Congo set itself out to be a blockbuster with a big plot, a huge jungle setting and ferocious killer gorillas. It achieved some good things but feel short in what you could tell the director wanted to really hit. The story took a long time to really get going and it had lots of filler that wasn't really necessary. The good gorilla that could communicate with humans was fun and humorous and made for a nice, soft touch to the character pool. Once the killer apes were found, they turned out to not be as bad as advertised and were not scary or threatening at all. Some of the acting was pretty bad but luckily you could look past it and focus on other things. All in all Congo had some good moments but it just seemed like it could have been so much more then it was.

Katie G (de) wrote: Pretty good movie....

Donna F (de) wrote: Alfred Molina is soooo good, he'll scare you.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: Above The Law is a ridiculous action film about corruption, but it's an entertaining film nonetheless. The story and acting are hammy as can be, but the film makes up for these flaws through awesome action scenes which are always over the top and a lot of fun to watch. It's all fluff and no substance, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. If you enjoy popcorn action films, this one will fulfill your needs.

Luca Maria M (es) wrote: The main problem of the movie is not the low budget (Anthony Perkins and Charles Bronson are enough to make an interesting movie, to me), it's the screenplay, that in some parts seems to have no sense at all. It would look better as a theater piece, i think.

Jude P (fr) wrote: What on earth made the Oscar evade De Palma for signature masterpiece ?Some events relating to academy awards never add up !As a movie it filled with endless suspense and portraits are magnificent by leading characters.

Espen N (br) wrote: Some films are caricatures of life, and since humor is a dangerously efficient devise as critique - Pietro Germi is a conscious filmmaker, who is not afraid to exaggerate Italian stereotypes in his films. The father of the family in ??Seduced and Abandoned?? is the proud leader of his herd, and the golden calf - the family name, seems like the only thing worth protecting. The desperate father in this film, played by Saro Urz, is reminiscent of the one in Fellini??s ??Amarcord??, who is also preoccupied with honor, likes to show his way around, and easily overreacts his children's mistakes. Is this still our impression of a stereotypical Italian father? His daughter, played by Stefania Sandrelli is the victim of her sister??s fiance??s lust, causing her father to erupt in anger, and wish for vengeance. The film's premise is the ancient Italian law declaring; if one man rapes a woman, he can go free by marrying her, instead of jail. Even though the father gets what he wants by doing unjust things, and the quarrel between the two families rages on to violent solutions, there are much comedy, especially surrounding what both parts share: Italian temperament! The Italians' temperament is famous for turning physical, and that??s something to look forward to each and every time the father gets mad, which are not few. I think the film??s weakness it??s the length; towards the ending everything feels outworn, simply because Germi wants to stress how Italian dignity is almost bigger than life. Anyhow, this film works great as a funny assault on Italian self-confidence.