Born to Defense

Born to Defense

Jet, a young soldier at the end of the second World War must overcome some abusive Americans who are bullying him as well as the Chinese people.

Jet, a young soldier at the end of the second world war must overcome some abusive Americans who are bullying him as well as the Chinese people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sameen M (br) wrote: I haven't had an issue with the Bronie movement ever, and I have less of a reason to now. These are just generally nice people with a strong sense of community. I love it, who cares what their interests are? Who cares what television shows they watch? They found something that brought them together, and they created a strong community from it.

Andreia F (it) wrote: Falta intensidade, profundidade e ritmo ao filme. Mesmo assim, continua a marcar o espectador pela marcante histria que conta e pelas performances do principal trio de protagonistas. Um filme "potico", mas fragmentado.

Brad S (fr) wrote: This is an excellent documentary on one of the greatest cinematographers ever, his work included "The Red Shoes" and "The African Queen". It is really interesting to see him speak about his influences, much of his inspiration came from famous painters and their use of light. There are several interesting bits from Martin Scorsese who was heavily influenced by the work of Cardiff, especially in "Raging Bull". This film is a MUST for cinema lovers! Check it out!

Lucas L (br) wrote: Decent, but doesn't introduce anything new really. Feels a little like a string of deleted scenes from the first two seasons, but still a good companion with the series. An essential watch for anyone who loved the series

Adam T (mx) wrote: Fishtank is that rare kind of film that leaves an impression on you. Maybe, I can relate to grotty, lower socio-economic areas and the kind of indolence and vice that can be found in them? The cast are very real and believable and even though the young female lead has a passion, that doesn't mean she will have the drive and ambition to match. In a way, this sort of drab suburban life while repellant, can also be a comfort zone. Now, I don't want to sound sexist but seriously, that young girl's aloof, indifferent mother, sizzles up the screen and has my vote for Best British MILF in an Indie Movie. Just saying...

Peter K (it) wrote: Virginie Ledoyen est le plus belle femme.Ma tte tourne! Et je ne sais rien...

Robbie N (jp) wrote: Your average Christmas themed family film, that tries very little to create something smart or creative, and is mostly just there to deliver occasionally humorous jokes, throw in relatively big named actors and conclusively bathe in the money from the viewers who were nagged by the kids to it. Deck the Halls, like the majority of these types of films, is just a cheesy slice of Christmas cinema.

Nisha K (jp) wrote: Kinda stupid and mindless. It wasn't horrible and I managed to finish it, but there is only so much fake, sappy romance stuff that I can take. And the songs were not memorable.

Gary C (us) wrote: Great if you like films that are a bit boring.It's about 2 girls that are good at playing a cello and a flute, then they grow up and that (nothing much happens) then one of them dies. The end.

Sherry (ag) wrote: such a silly movie.....funny in a way

Alex R (gb) wrote: For anyone who thinks Nicholas Cage is a lousy actor, I challenge you to watch this; his performance is nothing short of legendary.

Antwon B (br) wrote: Predator 2 is a science fiction action movie directed by Stephen Hopkins and starring Danny Glover. The film takes place in Los Angeles in 1997 ten years after the original movie. In the city there's a war going on between the cops and the drug dealers. The predator comes to town drawn by the heat and conflict. The predator begins waging war against the police and the drug dealers, leading to the ultimate prize LT Harrigan. Gary Busey and Matthew Baldwin plays federal agents knowing more than they are owning up to. Danny Glover plays police lieutenant Mike Harrigan. He's an aggressive no nonsense supervisor of an investigation team. Bill Paxton plays one of his detectives nick named the lone ranger. Maria conchita Alonso and Rueben Blades make up the rest of the squad. Calvin Lockhart appears in one of his final roles as a Jamaican voodoo priest. And Morton Downy jr appears in his final role as a jerry Springer type tv personality. During the time, he had an over the top talk show on tv similar to the Springer show. And Kevin Peter Hall reprises his role as the Predator for the last time. Sadly he passed away while the film was playing in theaters. The problems that I had with the film involved the pacing. It seemed as though the script wasn't completed and they were making things up on the fly. Danny Glover did good for what he was given. However we learn very little about his character. He seemed to be driven by one motivation, rage! I wanted more. If police lieutenants behave like him in police departments, all Hell would break loose. The film could've benefited from the misdirection like the first film did. Such as, be a cop vs the drug dealers movie. Later on, be a buddy cop movie. At this point bring in the Alien, making it a horror slasher film. And finally make it a sci fi action movie. The movie premiered in Nov 1990 with an opening weekend of $8 million dollars. The budget was $35 million with an overall gross of $57 million. The first film made $97 million with a budget of $8 million. Predator 2 was a critical and financial failure. People complained about Glover being cast as the lead, and hated the creature being in L.A.. Most of the criticism of Danny Glover was unfair, he played a good character, that was not well written. Considering all of the Predator vs Alien films and "Predators" film, Predator 2 seems like a masterpiece. Ironically, Dolph Lungren from Rocky IV fame had a similar film to premier during that very same time called "I Come in Peace." A very good film that was poorly written.

berta a (gb) wrote: this is funny , Elvis role is not that good.

Robert S (br) wrote: [b]***spoilers***[/b] I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Decision Before Dawn was made available on DVD. I've only been able to watch it on the rare occasions its been shown on television. Decision Before Dawn was released in 1951 and directed by Anatole Litvak. It stars as Oskar Werner as 'Happy'. At the '52 Adacemy Awards it was nominated for editing and best picture. The movie was filmeds in Germany and Europe. The destruction a viewer sees in it is the real thing. Remants of the 'Big One'. This movie is a must see in my humble opinion. I will go out on a limb and say you'll never find another WWII picture that is told from this particular point of view. At the same time it is a war and espionage picture. The catch is that the spies are German traitors recruited from prisoner of war camps. Focus is placed on two of these turncoats and they represent different ends of the spectrum. One, Werner's, is codenamed 'Happy'. Happy is a person who decides to help the Allies because he truly does love his country and feels that this is the best way to help Germany. The other, 'Tiger' played by Hans Christian Blech, is a murkier figure. One thing I love about this picture is a viewer is never quite sure if Tiger is working for the Allies or is a double agent. The one thing you are sure about Tiger is, he's all about himself. What's in it for Tiger? That's his credo. Out of the two, Happy is the main character. We are introduced to him at the very beginning of Decision when he is captured by one of his soon to be teamates, Lt. Rennick played by Richard Basehart. We see his experiences in the P.O.W. camp, his recruitment and mission training. These parts of the movie are all interesting especially when he witnesses his fellow German POWs kill a suspected traitor but the movie really kicks into gear when Happy is parachuted back into Germany to gather intelligence for the Allies. Happy is tasked with finding the headquarters of the 11 Panzer Corps. Unfortunately for Happy things start going awry the moment he hits the ground. On the ground, Happy not only has to deal with his mission but with the people he encounters. In every encounter he has to face the myriad ways the war has devastated his countrymen and know that he is betraying them. It is these encounters that give the movie its power. He deals with friends who unknowningly could expose him. He sees people killed simply because they are looking out for their families. Children turn in people to the authorities. Everywhere the irrationality of war consumes the screen. Although he isn't aware of it at first, the Gestapo and [i]SS[/i] are on to him almost from the get go. The movie presents great drama from this. One scene in particular always stood out to me. Happy and a [i]SS[/i] man, Scholtz played by Wilfried Seyferth get into an argument because Happy makes the mistake of calling Alsace part of France. Decision Before Dawn is extremely well done. It is suspenseful and dramatic. At the beginning we hear Rennick in say, "Why would anyone become a spy? If they win no one remembers them, if they fail, they are killed." This sentiment is made all the more poignant at the end of the film when he find out everything was unnecessary.

Mira Mohd S (mx) wrote: Michael Jai White is one of the best action stars out there and is still under-utilized. It's just a shame that he doesn't necessarily have the best movies as most of them are mainly B grade or direct to DVD kind of stuff, & I usually don't check out such stuff, but this film somehow sold me with an action packed trailer. From all aspects, this is 1st installment of the "Code Name : Falcon" series is a B picture - low budget, predictable plot, second tier actors, with the exception of a popular leading star, yet a generic star at the very best. It's a straightforward vengeance tale with no other ambition than to entertain, and entertain it does in copious amounts along with indulging us with a tough-as-nails leading action hero to root for till the very end. The story is pretty simple, White's character, a muscled wedge of a man with a bad case of post-traumatic stress disorder from his service in Iraq, to the slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where his social worker sister (Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter) has been beaten and left for dead by unsavory characters. Falcon flies to Rio, calling in help from an old war buddy (Neal McDonough) who works there in the U.S. consulate. Chapman is thrust into the chaotic and colorful atmosphere of the sprawling favela (slums) in Sau Palo, where Falcon begins his own investigation into his sister's attack, asking uncomfortable questions around, and uncovering a corrupt in the city's seedy underbelly that includes a world of drugs, the sex trade, corrupt cops, and organized crime syndicates battling for control. Just like the 80s action films, with strong men at the center going up alone against an unambiguously evil foe - a Japanese Yakuza outfit in this case. In colorful Brazilian surroundings, White's character, a deadly martial artist, brings acres of pain to legions of unsavory characters. While this movie started off slowly, the second half was very entertaining and worth it. Predictable story but who cares, it's all about the style for this movie. If you think too hard you'll start noticing flaws and soon you'll picking apart the film. The film is cheesy, but thankfully it knows that is. The humor can be off at times and the dramatic tones can come off as soap opera like. The dialogue can be a little so-so at times and the action sequences are, for most part, watchable. Even if the sound effects are a bit odd. The acting is okay at times and the pacing can be a bit of a drag, the characters can be cliched and cartoon like at times but for the most part you know their role in the film. The fight scenes featured in the movie are top-notch, performed wonderfully by MJW. His movements and fluidity for a man his size is always great to watch. It's a thrill to watch him dispatch several attackers at once with brutal efficiency. Fans of fancy flying kicks will love this stuff. His character is strong and entertaining to watch. On the whole, Falcon Rising is an entertaining film with a thrilling physical performance from its star - Michael Jai White & welcome throwback to 1980s action films.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Paul B (nl) wrote: aaliyah..thats my girl;!!!!

Joe M (mx) wrote: Good film, equal to the fist installment in story and quality.