Born Wild

Born Wild

The movie tells a compelling story about love, family, friendship, and the lengths that one man will go to get a second chance in life. After being released from prison for the murder of a fellow biker; CJ returns to his hometown to confront his former gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne S (de) wrote: Strange storyline with a slow start but it redeems itself before the end. Amazing acting by Meg Ryan, James Caan, Dennis Quaid & Gwyneth Paltrow.

Carlos I (br) wrote: Great film, didn't know that Gun N' Roses's 'Civil War' excerpt came from this film.

Jami L (jp) wrote: Careless is the story of Wiley Roth. Wiley works in a book store and doesn't get out much. One day while doing the dishes, Wiley steps on a severed human finger on his kitchen floor. (Yes you read that right.) He becomes obsessed with finger and figuring out who it belongs to and how it got there. Strangely enough, he then meets Cheryl, the girl with 9 fingers.OK, what kind of pot were they smoking when they wrote this piece of crap? And did they share it with the actors when they let them read the script? That must have been some pretty good stuff, to keep them stoned the whole time they were filming. No one seemed to notice that hey this story really sucks and this is a horrible waste of time.Careless was a great title for this train wreck, since everyone involved in it seemed to be just that. When I saw the cast, I thought it might be good. Collin Hanks, Rachel Blanchard and Tony Shalhoub. Who doesn't love Monk? Well, I was wrong, it was a huge pointless waste of time. I can't even count how many things I found wrong with this movie.I would rather watch two hours of Barney the dancing retarded dinosaur then sit through this movie again.

Lee M (us) wrote: Clint Eastwood is at his macho, insubordinate best in this exuberant, salty military movie with more memorable lines and funny moments than most comedies.

Felipe F (jp) wrote: Steven Spielberg masterfully crafts a prequel that retains the technical prowess, the sly humour and the action of the first one.

Chris F (nl) wrote: Not Leo's best acting but a good history lesson.

Cade H (fr) wrote: The Art of the Steal tries so hard to be a super sleek, top notch heist movie on the same level as Oceans 11. It has a decent cast, with some laughs and fun moments but in the end, it all leads up to a very average, run of the mill film. Kurt Russell as the lead gets a little boring over time but some of the side kicks are fun throughout and it makes for some interesting dynamics. The theft itself is very basic, but at the end when the whole ordeal is revealed, it turns out to be a very in depth crime that took lots of planning and time. I was surprised by that aspect of it, but the rest of the movie was very predictable. If you like a good heist movie there are plenty of other good ones out there that are better then Art of the Steal.

Kevin H (mx) wrote: Mild horror and funny in places. My family enjoyed it.

Jason B (ca) wrote: Cheesy vampire drive in flick. Not very well written, but what else do you expect for a horror cheapie from 1970.