Boss'n Up

Boss'n Up

Snoop stars as a grocery clerk named Cordé Christopher, a young and magnetic man, subject to keen female interest. He becomes a protégé of Orange Juice, an experienced pimp, after being informed of the better and richer life he can lead if he becomes a pimp. OJ cultivates Cordé's 'talent' and shares street knowledge with him, including the Rules of the "Pimping" Game. To some degree OJ treats Corde like a son. After achieving success Cordé has to choose between the love of his life, Chardonnay Allen, and his successful career as a pimp.

When Corde Christopher gets a visit from legendary pimp, he's delighted as he just happens to be broke. He gets sucked into a dangerous game of prostitution, money and murder and ends up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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