Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

A scientist discovers a way to turn cow manure into energy. Two secret agents are dispatched to find out the formula but they devote more time to having sex with each other than they do going after the scientist. Pretty soon everyone in the area is after the scientist but they also wind up spending more time having sex with each other.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   spy,   chase,  

A scientist discovers a way to turn cow manure into energy. Two secret agents are dispatched to find out the formula but they devote more time to having sex with each other than they do ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan B (es) wrote: I lasted ten minutes into this film. I think the script has been written by a child, bit probably was Adam Sandler. It certainly has the feel of a school production, with the actors delivering the dialogue in a stilted and awkward manner. With literally nothing of note happening that was either funny or engaging the audience in the first three scenes, I switched off.

Vessela D (ag) wrote: Nothing special...:(

Matthew M (us) wrote: I'm a little hesitant to see it because it looks awful but I have already seen the first four so why not see this one.

Remi L (ca) wrote: I LOVED this movie!! S. Epatha Merkerson was a great matriarch in this film, loved Macy Gray, loved everyone in this film!!

Sanjay K (de) wrote: The real story of violence, wonderfully shot and superb performance by seema biswas a lil slow but yet again, it is gud tht way 3.5/5 for this one, watch it if u want to know the truth bout the bandit queen

Cinthy S (kr) wrote: It's an American Classic, the value of friendship and love is always present- if we didn't think too much about issues we face and make them complicated in our heads we'd always remember to follow our hearts, love is the answer and Forrest always is uncomplicated and loving, no matter the circumstance.

Aevedo V (mx) wrote: I am a big time Jet Lee fan

Andy S (mx) wrote: Load of old tosh, silly and unreal

Garry T (us) wrote: This film definitely brings to light the drastic problems of street children in Brasil. Not sure if it was the first to do so, but it definitely did a good job illustrating the issue. While 'Pixote' may be a strong film, it's no 'City of God'. If you look carefully, some basic and important elements were taken from this film and adapted into 'City of God'. Not a date film, by any means.

Susan F (ca) wrote: I saw this its good try it out if you have not seen it!

James T (au) wrote: an okay one but not one of there best

Darrin C (fr) wrote: It was okay. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson worked well together and made the movie as funny as it was. The plot should've been able to provide more laughable spots, but it did okay for what it is.

Mad M (es) wrote: After "City Island" up on the line is "crazy stupid love".....Well the movie was just fine...but the graduation thing in the end made the whole thing just they could have done much better when looking at the rest of the movie.

Rob S (kr) wrote: Fun with Dick and Jane is a good Jim Carrey movie, but it surprisingly lacks the amount of humor present in other "recent" Jim Carrey movies such as Bruce Almighty and Yes Man. On this second viewing of the film I found myself engaged in the story to the point that I was not necessarily upset that this movie wasn't was funny as I expected.This movie has an unusually long first act for a comedy. Jim Carrey plays Dick Harper, who works at a company run by Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin with an atrocious southern accent) and Dick gets promoted right before the company goes bankrupt due to McCallister's embezzlement, which no officials realize even though it is so obvious. The titular couple, Dick and Jane, has to deal with financial hardships since Jane quits her job after Dick's promotion, leaving no breadwinners in the house once the company Dick works for goes bankrupt. It may only take about half an hour, but it seems like a good forty or forty-five minutes for Dick and Jane to get to the point of the movie: the two of them robbing banks.It is enjoyable to watch the couple go from terrible to expert level at the task of robbing money. The segment that deals with the first night Dick tries to rob people shows how pathetic Dick comes across to start, first stealing only a slurpee, then finding himself in weird situations while robbing other stores which includes helping an elderly woman to walk back to her car, and suddenly the excitement hits when the two of them rob a neon-lit shop once Dick explains they will get evicted the next day if they don't obtain the money.It is humorous to see the two act like regular people in the process of robbing, one example being when they order specific drinks at a coffee shop while robbing the place.The second half of the movie seems to go by really quickly, and we find the third act of the film to be more about getting back at McCallister than obtaining a large sum of money, which is a nice turn. When I first saw this film I assumed the couple would just run off with the $400 million McCallister had in his accounts, but Dick and Jane donating the money to the people who worked with Dick seemed a lot more fitting for the light comedy that it was.Though the film could have used more humor and its tone could have been more consistent, Fun With Dick and Jane is a delight to watch since it is a great underdog story that is very easy to watch.

James S (gb) wrote: Another mediocre classic. Scorsese's main characters are all similarly despicable and hard for me to relate too/understand. A thorough and probably formerly revolutionary look at an anti-hero's pyschy.

Taija H (mx) wrote: Harmiton,hauska hmpp, jonka jaksaa katsoa useammankin kerran - ylenpalttisesta kreikkalaisuuden korostamisesta huolimatta. John Corbett on ihku (niinkuin Villiss Pohjolassa ja Sinkkuelmsskin).