Bowery Bombshell

Bowery Bombshell

Slip (Leo Gorcey), Sach (Huntz Hall), Bobby (Bobby Jordan), Whitey (William Benedict) and Chuck (David Gorcey) unsuccessfully try to sell a dilapidated car to a street cleaner for a fabulous amount, so they can get enough money to save Louie's (Bernard Gorcey) Malt Shop. Sidewalk photographer Cathy Smith (Teala Loring) snaps a pictures of three bank robbers as they are fleeing a robbery but when the Bowery Boys and Cathy realize that Sach is also in the photograph, they break into the photo lab to destroy the negative, which might make the police think Sach was involved in the robbery.

Slip (Leo Gorcey), Sach (Huntz Hall), Bobby (Bobby Jordan), Whitey (William Benedict) and Chuck (David Gorcey) unsuccessfully try to sell a dilapidated car to a street cleaner for a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (kr) wrote: The movie starts a little slow but after the story is explained it goes to a marathon of cool action scenes. If you're expecting a perfect movie, it's not it but it's fun and taking a risk with cool visuals that only an independent movie can deliver. There is a cool scene with a wall of golden women in vallahala. Overall, mindless entertainment and fun. Worth watching!

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Brady C (mx) wrote: I usually really enjoy Nick Love's films, he has a creative way of working within his budget and always brings something fresh to the table. This film is so generic and bland that it doesn't feel like a Nick Love film. The pacing is ridiculously bad, the film isn't even 2 hours long and it dragged so much. Ben Drew is always enjoyable to watch on screen but he is squandered on this film. Ray Winstone is doing his usual i'm hard, come and have a fucking go routine and it just makes the film bland. Not a bad film, but not a good one either.

David (ca) wrote: Very enjoyable film to watch. The older original version is called The Polish Bride.

Mindy O (br) wrote: I love this movie! Love the music! and the history story :o)

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: Excellent performance from Monica Keena. Nice plot and decent acting. It's the girl from Freddy vs Jason! This little horror flick is interesting.

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Daniel P (mx) wrote: Despite the energy of the cast, there's not really much here worth bothering with. Intermission uses the then trendy device of characters that have connections with each other and plots that blur, merge, and dovetail. The problem is, none of the characters are especially interesting, the script equates comedy with liberal use of the words "fuck" and "cunt", and the storylines are weak and often as not don't go anywhere. Repeated jokes about brown sauce and moustaches wear out their welcome after 20 minutes and the film takes ages to end. Wearying.

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Caitlin B (fr) wrote: I love this movie sooo much.

Brendon C (jp) wrote: a hard-riding actioner

Glenn L (jp) wrote: Firewalker is lousy. The only brief moments of potential that it had to offer were the back-to-back scenes featuring John Rhys-Davies and the tinge of sadness he brings to his character.

Chloe C (gb) wrote: We might influence each other like that, quite possibly! :)

Daniel S (es) wrote: Not one of wilders better efforts, tho it definitely had potential and has a lot of wilders great timing and dialogue, adapted from a play like most of his films, as always he manages to not make it seem stagey, i know peter sellers was originally gonna play the ray walston role, but ray does a good job in my opinion, the rest of the actors all do good work too, its just the story that is weak, like i said the premise is good, but characters just start making stupid decisions and then things that dont even make sense, to the point that it really bugged me, i also didnt like the muddled "message" it couldnt decide what it wanted to be, i know it was considered really risque at the time but i didnt think it was that bad, even for the 60s standards, if youre a wilder fan maybe check it out, cuz lots of the early scene have his quick wit and energy but then it just falls apart

latisha M (it) wrote: It's doesn't really fit into the documentary category or any for that matter witch really confused me.