Box 507

Box 507

Bankmanager Modesto Pardos(played by Antonio Resines) daughter dies in an forest fire while camping. 7 years later Pardos bank gets robbed and robbers breaks open numerous safe deposit ...

Bankmanager Modesto Pardos(played by Antonio Resines) daughter dies in an forest fire while camping. 7 years later Pardos bank gets robbed and robbers breaks open numerous safe deposit ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (us) wrote: Great movie. Provides a different view to the typical Hollywood viewpoint. 11% of critics like it?! What a shocker!

Conrad T (de) wrote: Couldn't believe a nightclub operator turned into a cop. Forced to become a cop to be exact.

David F (gb) wrote: It was ok. Kinda wishy washy, but the action was pretty cool...

Greg S (it) wrote: universal mirror for every one...

Nicky N (fr) wrote: This Wasn't That Good.But This Was Better Than The First One.C

Matt M (es) wrote: After re-inventing himself as a socialite in New York City, a woman returns home to Alabama where she left her husband at the altar. A romantic comedy full of clichs and unlikeable characters. Sloppy and dull.

armand e (nl) wrote: aint no greystoke hmmm...but lets see what this starship trooper has to offer...

Allan C (ru) wrote: This was probably the first Godzilla film I really didn't care for. This may be because I've recently introduced my children to the charms of rubber suited monsters stomping on miniature cities and this entry into the Godzilla series seemed out of place in that it appeared to be trying to be more gritty and violent than other Godzilla films. I was pretty surprised at the level of rubber suited gore in the film, which by movie violence standards is still pretty mild, but still seemed out of place in a Godzilla film. The story here is that Godzilla's spores have drifted out into space and created a new powerful "Space Godzilla." Godzilla then teams up with a new Pacific Rim-like Jaegers created by the UN to fight the endless Kaiju problems that seem to haunt Japan. There are enough monster fights to not make this film horrible and the special effects are decent, while still certainly retaining the charms of rubber suited men stropping on tiny cities, but the tone of this film seemed too serious for a Godzilla picture.

Lotti K (de) wrote: One of the strangest movies I've ever seen, but delightfully so. Hard to tell if the absurdity is planned or emanates from the z-budget production values -- probably both.

bill s (au) wrote: Gritty look at 60s early 70s NYPD and the corruption run rampant.....Pacino at the top of his game.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Here's David and Ms. Lovely LadyA scientist set in classic times and his friend try out a new drilling machine the scientist created. The machine drills into the Earth's core and they find a strange civilization with creatures they have never seen. The friend falls in love with a tribal girl they encounter and she helps them survive the rugged terrain. How will the scientist, friend, and Lovely Lady survive their journey inside Earth?"I'm at the controls and you must keep a clear head too!"Kevin Connor, director of The Land that Time Forgot (1975), Motel Hell, Frankenstein (2004), Strawberry Summer, Chasing Leprechauns, Sweet Surrender, and The Thanksgiving House, delivers At the Earth's Core. The storyline for this picture is very average with an obvious Journey to the Center of the Earth feel. The acting may be better than you anticipate and the cast includes Peter Cushing, Doug McClure, Caroline Munro, and Bobby Parr. "After what we've seen they've got to be destroyed."I grabbed this off Netflix when I discovered it starred Peter Cushing (one of my favorites from the horror genre). Overall, this is a pretty average movie with some cool science fiction elements. This is far from as good as the Harryhausen classics, but this is still fun to watch the different creatures. This is worth seeing once but far from a classic."This is my fight."Grade: C

Jim M (ru) wrote: Still love this one.