Box of Moon Light

Box of Moon Light

Al Fountain, a middle-aged electrical engineer, is on the verge of a mid-life crisis, when he decides to take his time coming home from a business trip, rents a car, and heads out looking ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:christian,   murder,   fight,  

Al Fountain, a middle-aged electrical engineer, is on the verge of a mid-life crisis, when he decides to take his time coming home from a business trip, rents a car, and heads out looking ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IAN B (es) wrote: Information that the main stream media will never show. We appreciate the makers of this very important film and the risk to their lives they took to get the information out. Andrew Breitbart was on a mission and unfortunately it ended too soon.

Jenny Rose B (mx) wrote: i love this movie superrr..

Dustin L (kr) wrote: Amazing documentary. It shows price has to be paid in the name of progress. It shows while there is hope, there is pain when China is moving forward

Lisa M (ag) wrote: Excellent. A wonderful tale of good and evil.....with an incredible soundtrack and powerful songs by Mr. Waits.

karen s (de) wrote: Here's another film I wanted to like because it sounded as if it had an interesting and original storyline. In someways it did; girl goes to a frat party, accidentally dies after being slipped a date rape drug, and awakens to find herself trapped in the no-man's land between heaven and hell. This was a great presmise for a film and one that I personally have only seen touched on once before, in THE DESPISER a much better and far more origial film. Here the opportunity to take their original concept in a great new direction was wasted and the film turned into little more than a zombie flick with an occasional confusing moment when it tried to break out of that mold. Granted, it started off well enough, but (as others have complained) it soon started breaking its own rules and worse yet the pacing became very slow. This wasn't the film I hoped for but since I'll give it a 3 star rating for at least starting with a good idea and because its a nice day outside.

ld p (fr) wrote: Fantastic!!! I don't know why some many reviewers gave this movie low marks. Franco Zeffirelli has directed some of the most artistic films of the 1960s and 1970s. (and this is one of them!!) I like opera. I love Maria Callas (I have 35 Vinyl lp of her) I love all the films of Franco Zeffirelli. I love the opera Carmen. I love Paris France. I love this film. The film has problems see some of the other reviews. This film is a lavish and loving tribute to Callas who was Zeffirelli's long time friend in Italy and France. MUSIC LOVERS OPERA LOVERS CALLAS LOVERS WATCH THIS MOVIE AND ENJOY!!! five stars

Angela E (it) wrote: I saw this film in 1998, loved it and spent years trying to find a copy of it! Awesome.

Tore S (gb) wrote: Synd denne ikke er blitt gitt ut paa DVD enda. Husker den som veldig underholdende og morsom.

Colin C (ca) wrote: Sooo cheesy both my dogs were loving every drippy airbrushed moment. Don't ever name your dog Tiffany

Jeffrey C (nl) wrote: Fun, and a good movie, but a bit boring in parts. Plus, the movie surprisingly lacks in suspense.

Greg W (gb) wrote: not bad Roger Corman & late career ray milland

chris w (es) wrote: it fails in creating a romantic atmosphere but succeeds in its creativity.

L F (ag) wrote: This is my favorite Deanna Durbin movie - so cute and romantic! You have to see it!

Curtis b (it) wrote: A great 70's movie....

R R (ag) wrote: It's like a really bad Jurrasic Park. Poor casting choice and no chemistry. Bad script, directing and score.

Yifan C (mx) wrote: Surprisingly funny and captivating.

Nathan C (ag) wrote: Garbage, This movie makes Over The Hedge the best animated film ever.