A pair of thrill-seeking nerds pioneer a new extreme craze that doesn't so much sweep the nation as portions of a small faction of their high school. The craze is 'boxboarding,' really just rolling down a hill with your vision obstructed.

Two underdog surf dudes inadvertently invent a new sport, with outrageous results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antnio C (fr) wrote: Captain Fantastic (Matt Ross, 2016) - 8,5/10

Brad S (jp) wrote: A strong performance from James Cromwell in a subtle film that tells a simple story about aging and the difficulties of losing control over ones life.

Edita S (ag) wrote: The film Freedom Writers is a very good and educational movie. It shows that there should be no tolerance for racial discrimination. It does a good job using an example of a historical time period, the Holocaust, to teach the audience that racial discrimination should not be tolerated, and that every race should be equal. I highly recommend this movie.

Tess S (kr) wrote: good movie, but drags a bit

Jenn M (us) wrote: It was okay. Hepburn is an incredible actress but playing a flighty woman who doesn't know what she wants is not really her forte. She plays such strong characters typically but this wasn't it. The chemistry was non existant as well which was a shame. Overall, it was okay but it didn't draw me in If it hadn't been in Venice, which added so much appeal to the film, I might not have watched the whole movie. However, the scenery was beautiful and therefore I stuck around to the end

MrBRS559 (ru) wrote: Like the original with it's own little twists, if you're a fan of the original I suggest you watch this one too.

Joseph W (ag) wrote: This was one of the first films I remember watching that had such a heavy theme. It was pure true & inspirational story-telling, with perfect characters arcs with both the students & the teacher, along with astounding performances from each actor. What Erin Gruell did with those kids was simply amazing!

Michael W (mx) wrote: An @HDTGM classic for a GOOD reason! TERRIBLE!

Jarkko H (gb) wrote: The film has a good plot, but it is not enough. While playing in the background Gangnam Style, angry squirrel and dumb also hmel rat steal nuts from under the eyes of criminals.At first, it does not sound good, but the plot revolves around a pretty decent as well. High performance is The Nut Job did not do, but veikeiden animal characters of classic and clumsy criminals colored by the film gets more positive feedback.

Efrain F (au) wrote: And I am rating this movie from way back when. Loved this movie when it came out. Now I still like the fighting, but the acting is bad...