Boy s tenyu

Boy s tenyu

Artem Kolchin was one of many, but he wanted glory. And he has chosen the way: he became the boxer. Now Artem the applicant for a champion title, fighter, known worldwide as Great White ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Russian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boxing,  

Artem Kolchin was one of many, but he wanted glory. And he has chosen the way: he became the boxer. Now Artem the applicant for a champion title, fighter, known worldwide as Great White ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane J (de) wrote: All 4 dc shorts in 1 collection, there all pretty good and have there pro's and cons. in order i would prob go green arrow/shazam/spectre and jonah hex. what is impressive is the amount of talent they managed to get doing the voices.

Mike R (us) wrote: i loved it but maybe i m fucked up big nasty fiesty cockroach nuff said

Eric N (it) wrote: One of the hardest films to rate ever, and certainly to watch.Dog Bite Dog is darker than A Clockwork Orange, grittier than Irreversible. Like those, this is "crime horror", but this the first that should be thought of as such a genre in its pure form. This movie is so humorless, it sort of becomes funny in itself which hurts it. It is wall to wall yelling and hitting and stabbing. My enjoyment level was 1 star, but you know what, the movie has incredible fucking balls to do what it does. And it's not just a stupid movie. I get the point and I like the point. And it makes violence something truly disgusting rather than delightful fun. Edison Chen turns in a breathtaking performance as one of the scariest creatures put to screen ever. I just had to give it an extra 0.5 star for the awesome climax which I did not see coming, though some people will take away 0.5 for it. I dug it. I did not like this movie and that's what they wanted. For those that can make it through, this is a movie that spits in the face of almost every movie ever made and makes aggression and brutality distasteful to the max, and even makes a point that it is truly stupid, and I have to applaud that.

Ice R (jp) wrote: I watched this for Dunaway. She needs better scripts.

Anathi G (ru) wrote: "Good & Terrible" Ron Jeremy as a zombie killer this ish is hilarious for all the things it lacks gr8 rental bcuz i would've x'd myself from earth...

Janne F (de) wrote: A very underrated movie. Fantastic atmosphere and acting.

Alex Z (es) wrote: Great coming of age story.

emily h (us) wrote: u wouldn't run to the bathroom naked!< ummm y would u do that, so i thought the 2 girls were sisters but i must be wrong, didn't finish the movie wasn't into it

Cam S (br) wrote: When it starts, it almost seems like an attempt to cross Pulp Fiction with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it quickly grows into its own entity with a unique brand of humor. Cinematography is beautiful and the ending is perfect. I look forward to Nick Whitfield's career.

VJ H (br) wrote: I don't know what to say about this. The script is shockingly bad and nearly impossible to follow - but very amusing low budget kicks.

Matthew D (es) wrote: After all their high-flying adventures the crew of the Enterprise come down to Earth with a rather pedestrian third cinematic voyage. The premise is interesting; having been tamed in the last two stories the crew returns to its rebellious streak for a personal mission. The film certainly has it's moments, especially a fun series of events at the end of the first act and perhaps more than any other appearance of the original crew this best carries their feeling of family. Sadly some members do not receive their due honour; the sister, Uhura, is sidelined to little more than a cameo (the only other female character has her actor replaced with a less able one) and Kirk's son, a potentially interesting character, ends his two movie run having barely registered as a characters. However, it is the mother figure, the Enterprise, that arguably gets the worst of it. The Genesis device is rolled out as a MacGuffin for the second film running, but the details are highly illogical and perhaps the biggest problem, the antagonist is perhaps the least interesting Trek movie villain and least intimidating Klingon ever seen (surely a miscast role). As a result things become ponderous in the second half with a climatic fight scene that is dull and unintentionally amusing.

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Anthony I (nl) wrote: Chaplin, Keaton, Jerry Lewis, Inspector Clouseau, Mr. Bean, Lt. Frank Drebin.. the question is, do you know M. Hulot? He's the Tramp of France, and the pantomiming genius that is Mon Oncle. A whimsical, off-beat, sometimes adorable and most times goofy series of comic vignettes. Unlike a lot of American slapstick comedy, however, it has a gentle side. Listen, any movie that opens and closes with puppy dogs frolicking through Paris has got to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.