Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

A young Brooklyn boy witnesses the brutal murder of his mother and grows up obsessed with finding her killer. Thus begins his life as a quiet, straight-A student by day and a self-appointed hero at night. But what is a real hero? And who decides what is right or wrong? As the boundaries blur, Sean's dual life wears on his psyche and his two worlds careen dangerously close to colliding. Like a graphic novel you can't put down, Boy Wonder challenges morality, distorting perceptions of what is right and what is justified, as it races to its shocking conclusion.

A traumatized boy grows into a shy, determined teenager who patrols the mean streets of New York City, helping those in need and dishing out severe punishment to remorseless thugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marilee A (de) wrote: Just like in the Movie, I'm holding up a Sign!!! Okay, who didn't love this Movie & Sally Field in it? Not to mention her Notorious Oscar Acceptance Speach~ "You Liked Me, You Really Liked Me" ~~~ I Liked It, I Really Liked it

Emma L (gb) wrote: I do like my 70s horror and this has a nice little twist. There's some wooden acting along the way but it achieves the 'creepy phone call' standard, always a plus. I watched a shockingly poor DVD of it, with awful sound but it still amused me for an hour or so.

Eeby H (es) wrote: am watching this now! :))

Colin F (br) wrote: Quite a disturbing film, but still bloody good at the same time. Includes a very early appearence by Manuel (Andrew Sachs) getting his head cut off! Only 2mins into film! 70s dodgy horror at its best. Sheila Keith is frightening in this film (The scene on the train is just bizare and disturbing) she was such as underated actress. A great horror film that can make Silence of the Lambs look like Andy Pandy