Boys from the Streets

Boys from the Streets

The movie takes place on Oslo's east side sometime during the twenties. It depicts the workers' environment by traditional elements like unemployment, strike, poverty, alcoholism, absent fathers, wise and tired mothers, the dream of a better life and the friendship between the boys in the street.

The movie takes place on Oslo's east side sometime during the twenties. It depicts the workers' environment by traditional elements like unemployment, strike, poverty, alcoholism, absent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shinta S (ag) wrote: Well, i love this movie. It's different from any Hindi movie which usually contains the sweetness of love. This movie tells about the ugly truth, what's going on in life these days, but in a very beautiful way and lots of moral value. I love how every line in this movie has a deep meaning in it..

Anna L (fr) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ahmed M (jp) wrote: Khakee is a very good movie, it does have many issues in the story, but the story and the cast truly make this movie worth a watch. Unfortunately it's a very underrated movie and has never got the appreciation it deserved.

Cydnee B (jp) wrote: A stand-out movie for people like me. Steve Buscemi is underrated and even his appearance in Grown Ups 2 can't change that. This movie was one of the only ones where I actually read the book that it was based on before I saw the movie. In many ways, it surpassed the book. This movie has funny, quotable lines, a decent cast and a lot of moments we can all relate to. Closed-minded art teachers, moody best friends, and shitty customers. HA!

Sam B (es) wrote: Comparable to Eraserhead.

Megan M (us) wrote: This I think is a classic Jamaican movie-I was hooked from start to finish. Paul Campbell was wonderful. I love love love this movie right here.

Charles G (au) wrote: EXCELLENT civil war movie, I had a relative held at andersonville for about 7 months, and when comparing the film to the letters my relative wrote regarding the prison, everything was spot on accurate.

Laurie B (nl) wrote: Outstanding movie.!!!

Brad G (jp) wrote: A ridiculous situational comedy in which Croc Dundee himself, Paul Hogan believes he's been killed and resurrected as an angel by Charlton Heston's God. Swearing off a life of crime to help teach needy children to box dirty and swindle rich folks into donating their money to a good cause. Along the way he befriend's Elias Koteas' self-loathing cripple and his mousy sister Linda Kozlowski. This is some seriously lame comedy and if I didn't have fond memories of the film from childhood I'd probably crap on it, but nostalgia wins the day. VF.

Anna Q (gb) wrote: Karl Urban. The only reason I watched this movie was Karl Urban. And I did not pay for it. Thank you Homeboy Shopping Network.

Maymay A (ag) wrote: It is nowhere near the best films I've seen but it has good points. It suits my natural love for dark films, and it is filled with good humor and endearing characters. It may not be that good, but it captures your heart.

Ralph R (us) wrote: I would rather watch every episode of Oprah while smelling Oprah's sweaty armpit. I would rather vote for Obama or scrape the burnt off of toast. To put it simple, no, this movie will not be watched by me.

dan u (kr) wrote: Beautiful classic - when movies weren't about nudity and sex!

Ivan L (ag) wrote: Pcetak glumackog i fizikog pad Mikija Rurka se negde poklapa sa ovim ''erotskim trilerom'', smesno naivnog i detinjastog po danasnjim, a i tadasnjim standardima, koji su mogle da prihvate samo usamljene domacice preko 50-te, i retko koja kategorija sem njih... Bio jednom jedan decko koji je obecavao u Holivudu (Rurk)...

Nathan W (br) wrote: For some reason I had put off watching The Martian but finally got around to watching it and I thought it was fantastic, it was quite funny in places but I still don't know why people called this a comedy, maybe they were just joking around. It was a great watch and one I'm going to have to buy, the movie had a great cast too. The movie does go on a bit but it's worth it.