Braços Cruzados, Máquinas Paradas

Braços Cruzados, Máquinas Paradas


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Braços Cruzados, Máquinas Paradas torrent reviews

Stefano L (it) wrote: I didn't want to watch a serious movie yesterday evening, but my father was not attracted by hanckock and decided to watch this one (and after 20 minutes fell asleep...). It's always sad when you think of what the judes had to stand during the World War II, and it's even more sad when the ones that suffers are the children. Anyway, the story of Mischa seemed too much a tale more than a real story. Mathilde Goffard act very well, and the music were fantastic, nearly perfect. But the story and the contrapposition nature/good - human/bad were not convincing at all.

Brad Y (gb) wrote: Christian Bale's excellent performance shows the maddening effects of confinement and search for rescue. The film's slow pace helps audiences gain an understanding of Dengler's experience, but it will bore those seeking a thrill.

Esperana N (ag) wrote: this is a very good film! lot of suspense in it! dramatic situation! just very different from others, enjoyable movie to watch!

Robbie N (es) wrote: A mediocre set of stunts, but only some are very humorous. No doubt, you'll laugh and be grossed out, but it's not going to be sensational or smart comedy.

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Ruwan I (gb) wrote: An absolutely beautiful movie , for the serious movie addict

Yash B (au) wrote: It's not particularly necessary, but it is one of the better direct to DVD Disney sequels. It's a fun movie that is a welcome return to the world of the spectacular first part.

Annie C (gb) wrote: Disappointment! There are so many hidden themes that are waiting to burst out and lead the audience to question the differences between society, culture, truth, class, and passion, but whenever there's a built-up, the film just vaguely represented these messages and fail to make a connection to the book and interact with the audience. Great book, plot, scenary, and cast, but a waste of movie.

bill b (jp) wrote: Hmmm, i thought this would be great because of the high rates...But i felt there is something missing....

Tharun R (nl) wrote: YUP. Keanu is back and so is his 90's action movie style with a super slick action movie with does not use shaky cam and quick cuts.