Brain Damage

Brain Damage

A normal, average guy who lives in New York City becomes dependent on an evil, disembodied brain.

One morning a young man wakes to find a small, disgusting creature has attached itself to the base of his brain stem. The creature gives him a euphoric state of happiness but in return demands human victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brain Damage torrent reviews

stefano l (gb) wrote: As the only other review that I found in this page says, the movie was painful to watch. Not for the topic, but because of the tremendous director, the tedious change of scenes and the continuous unnecesessary written that appeared during the vision. Do you think that the watchers need explanation every 3 seconds? come on...2 stars because I'm on a good mood.

Tim G (ca) wrote: No redeeming qualities. The film can't make up its mind if it is a horror movie or an action movie. The effects are not very special. The dialogue clunky. The plot full of holes. etc.

Helen N (fr) wrote: Funny, horrifying, and beautifully acted. Heartily recommend if you like twisted characters doing horrible things. I love them, so it worked for me!

Huw G (us) wrote: A protest documentary rather than a film, and really one for the activists. It does tell you a lot of new things (I didn't know racial discrimination laws had been suspended as part of the intervention), but falls down badly when it comes to optimism & practical ways forward.Even when you're shown hope in the form of people teaching their kids skills their parents taught them, it turns out this is just a set-up to introduce the fact that promised funding is being withheld until land rights are signed over on 40 year leases to facilitate more mining on traditional lands.

Mark M (fr) wrote: Mga " KIM-ERALD " DOWNLOAD NA !!! Now Na -uber-

Virginia P (br) wrote: no. i didnt forget to rate it. i'm just not giving it any stars.

Vivien T (jp) wrote: So realistic. It's talking about a part of my life!!!

Angela G (nl) wrote: The only Spanish movie that made me laugh. Simply hilarious. Bastante mala e irreal. Eso s, muy entretenida. Una de las pelis mas divertidas que he visto, de hecho la unica espanola q me ha hecho reir.

Stuart C (br) wrote: One of the worst sequels I have ever seen ... It should have been left with 1 film

Mari J (es) wrote: best movie ever. anyone can view it and understand it. just wonderful'

RJohn X (de) wrote: Amazing first act with grueling lighting and color-scapes exploding with Bava suspense and terror. The castle is a major character, as well, with the camera fish-eye-ing, creeping along behind iron lattice-work, and beautifully lensing the complicated maze of stairwells and clutter. Elke Sommer gets a pre-Lisa chase through an elaborately staged nightmare of fog, color, and circling alleyways. A lipstick Cotton impersonates a fey Vincent Price to great sadistic effect! A MUST.

Kevin C (ru) wrote: Charming maths, grief, autism tale. A strong cast, but the film seems unsure which strand to focus on.