A Secret Service Agent is held captive in the trunk of a car and endures high-speed mental and physical torture as terrorists attempt to extract needed information for their sinister plot.

A federal agent (Stephen Dorff) is taken captive by terrorists who want to know the location of the U.S. president's secret bunker. Now, the only way to save the people he loves is to divulge a secret that he has sworn to protect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ako G (ag) wrote: Indignation is a drama with a great story and thought provoking scenes. We see a young boy growing up and moving out of his parental house to study at a college. It is there we see him becoming an adult who thinks freely and learns love for the first time. The soft romantic touch in this movie didn't always work for me and eventually didn't even seem that important.The thought provoking and philosophical visions in this movie is what really kept me watching. The way the young student goes against the standard beliefs and traditions of all around him, simply by talking and discussing is really amazing. So all credit goes to the way Philip Roth's novel has been adapted for this movie and to the talented actors.

Tyler J (nl) wrote: It Wasn't Like The Other Paranormal Activity Movies But Still IT WAS interesting!

Dina D (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this light hearted, action and at time melancholy film. Nice to see that Jude Law can carry a film beyond being an elite style pretty boy. Richard E. Grant is, as always sublime. Been done before, but better than most similarly themed films.

Andre R (nl) wrote: Expected a better conclusion, really liked Symone though

Sarah F (de) wrote: perfect fare for a movie with my 11 year old niece.

Conor N (it) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][size=3]James Nachtwey has to be one of the most narcissistic people I have ever come across. I thought this movie would focus on the trials and tribulations of the many victims of war and ethnic conflicts but instead it is a tribute to a guy that I have never heard of that borders on a cult-like worship. If this guy is so good, why are the people that speak of his many accolades from Germany? Why does he work for a magazine that I have never heard of? James Nachtwey talks about how brave he is and how he goes to locations that no other photographer goes to and then you see a shot with 20-30 photographers, all of who have put their lives in danger. These guys are just as ?brave? as he is but you don?t see them giving quotes about their ?innate ability to connect with people?. I saw way too many shots of him packing his bags or coughing in a sulfur mine. Are we really supposed to feel bad for a guy that owns a loft in Manhattan that just spent 5 minutes taking pictures of guys that work at the mine 40-60 hours a week? I?m not saying that Nachtwey isn?t good but I am saying that he is no where near as good as he thinks. [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3] [/size][/font][size=3][font=Times New Roman]Nachtwey must have a few screws loose because he truly believes that he is the only one that gives a voice to the poor and displaced people of this world. He also thinks that he has somehow ended wars with his pictures. Correct me if I?m wrong but he hasn?t had any impact on any conflict. He talks about himself as if he is a deity and makes grandiose claims that aren?t even supported in his own documentary. One example that comes to mind is that he sees a one armed, one legged father that lives on the train tracks in Indonesia. He took some pictures that were published in Life magazine and is seen opening a letter where a reader offers to give the father $20 a month. I expected to see footage of Nachtwey going back to Indonesia to help this poor guy out but of course that never happened. If you want to see a poorly done documentary about a guy with a massively over-inflated ego, you are in luck. [/font][/size]

Christine D (gb) wrote: Great storyline! I didn't figure out the murderer at all. Well done.

Matthew H (us) wrote: Still very funny but not as good as the original

D M (gb) wrote: Mediocre! D

Ivan D (nl) wrote: "My Best Fiend" is Werner Herzog's love letter of a documentary film to his frequent collaborator Klaus Kinski. It also chronicles their turbulent relationship through strange anecdotes and firsthand stories on set. But aside from this notion of reliving Kinski's eccentricity and enigma in a very reflective fashion, this documentary film also serves as a chance for Herzog to analyze and interpret what has been going on inside Kinski's mind all throughout their troubled film collaborations that were often marred by the latter's lengthy diatribes and temperamental unpredictability. Armed with an eloquence that's both strangely moving and profound, Herzog probes deep into his professional and personal relationship with Klaus Kinski not just to feed our minds with how things have occurred between them but also as a form of myth-making on his part. In the end, he just wants to eternalize Herzog not as a restless madman but as a serene friend; not as a difficult eccentric but someone that could have easily been him in a parallel lifetime. "That makes two of us!" Herzog blurted out when Kinski accused him of being a megalomaniac. This is not your ordinary actor-director relationship. This is mania matched with mania. This is artistic narcissism matched with mad ambition. This is a bomb waiting to explode. This is friendship at its most reluctant. This is their uneasy story. Returning to the locations of their two most heralded collaborations, "Aguirre: The Wrath of God" and "Fitzcarraldo", and even a brief visit to the location where "Woyzeck'" was shot (with a reflective interview with star Eva Mattes), Herzog retraces the path of their insane acts of mutual artistry that's both appalling and fascinatingly magnetic. We are even granted a peek into some rare footages that shows Kinski both at his unstoppably worst (as he verbally assaults a production manager) and at his subtly caring best (as he tends to a wounded cameraman). We also see one of the extras in "Aguirre: The Wrath of God" whose head still bears the scar where Kinski has once hit him with a sword. He also shared a little anecdote involving Kinski, some 45 movie extras and a Winchester Rifle. Judging from Kinski's demeanor, you already have a clue of what has transpired. But despite of these shenanigans, Werner Herzog, with his all too personal analysis of Kinski's psyche in relation to his own, is subtly elegiac about the whole thing. He is fully guilty of the fact that he once threatened Kinski with a gun just to prevent him from leaving the still unfinished production of "Fitzcarraldo". He's also quite repentant that, at one time, he once meditated in 'firebombing' Kinski's house. With these admissions, Herzog knows that even though he claims that he is 'clinically sane' so to speak, Kinski is the only man that can bring out the madman in him. But at the same time, it's not only madness that they have extracted from each other; they have also brought out the best within the both of them. Their monolithic collaborative films can speak for themselves, and "My Best Fiend" may serve as the quiet immortalization of their friendship and film partnership that has made these pictures possible. It's a shame that Kinski died too soon. It's quite interesting to hear his part of the story. But seeing him in the film, tranquil and all, with a pretty little butterfly flying around him is quite enough. In that footage, there's calm in his eyes and certain quietness to his soul; the ideal image that Herzog wants to remember Kinski with. Perhaps Herzog appreciates great irony.

Carlos Javier P (gb) wrote: Una buena interpretacion de Nicolas Cage, pelicula con buena historia en general, conspiracion a nivel simple.

nana l (fr) wrote: wahou quel film?J'adore c'est un film vraiment extraordinaire.

Maria Francesca D (gb) wrote: Ok e' un delirio trash lo ammetto... (ma e' divertente... vedere fin dove arrivano a partire dal ballo dei bambini dopo i dolcetti alla cannabis)

Lucien L (fr) wrote: It taken me awhile to finally Watch "Nixon" from director Oliver Stone (Born on the Fourth of Jury, Natural Born Killers, Platoon). One of the reasons, i was never interested in this movie, because i felt that Anthony Hopkins looks nothing like Richard Nixon and as a person, i never really got into politics, whatever it is a good thing or bad thing. Some people's lives are really into politics but i can't never get into it. But i love movies, that's my life for the most part. I felt that Stone never got to top "Natural Born Killers", which some people felt, it was his last great film. I felt, he is been struggling ever since. Although he still makes the occassional good movie but most of them lacks any real bite."Nixon" is a movie that is very loosely based on his live. For the most part, it is a very fictional story with some truths or at least, Stone (Who also co-wrote the script) makes "Nixon" gets to make interesting and it shows fragments of him as a man. It reminded me of his later film "W." at times. But since "Nixon" was made in the mid 1990's. Stone's visual style with his camera work comes close to "JFK" and even "Natural Born Killers" at times. Besides Hopkins' terrific and sometimes over the top Oscar nominated performance. There is some excellent supporting performances here from Joan Allen in a Oscar nominated role as his long suffering supportive wife, James Woods as H.R. Haldeman, unrecongizable Paul Sorvino as Henry Kissinger (The make-up work on the actor is terrific), Powers Boothe as Alexander Haig, Ed Harris as E. Edward Hunt and others cast members. Since the movie has plenty of familiar faces, how matter how small or big, their supporting roles are...most of them have memorable roles in it."Nixon" is an ambitious film, at times, it can be a difficult movie to follow if you know nothing about these real-life characters that the actors are playing in it. It is one of those movies, that you have to pay attention to dialogue and detail. "Nixon" is a extremely long film, it might bore some viewers to death but if you get into, it can be an fascinating picture. Sometimes the plot can be all over the place and at times, the film's tone changes quite often. The scnes in the film can be Political Satire to Darkly Funny to Drama to Thriller. In Stone's film, it wants to be all and somehow it works. It was an box office bomb, back in 1995. Which it was the slow decline of Stone's movies after that (Although "Nixon" and his next film "U-Turn" do have cult followings). The movie also got two Oscar nominations for Best Original Screenplay that it was shared with Stone and two screenwriters:Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson. Also John Williams' beautiful, sometimes eerie music score got an Oscar nomination as well. I am glad, i finally seen "Nixon" after all these years. Would i revisit this again ? Sure, i would for the bigger than lifes performances in it, Stone's visual style and Williams' fantastic score in it. Since i never seen the original theatrical cut, the Blu-ray is the Director's Cut, which over 20 minutes of additional footage were added. I am not sure, what was added back to Stone's Director Cut but i heard Sam Waterson's scene as the CIA director Richard Helms was added back to Stone's Director's Cut.Overall "Nixon" does have moments of greatness but at the end, like Stone's later film "W.", we don't know much of "Nixon" expect just glimpse of it, especially in his personal life. Stone is having fun with the real-life characters in it and sometimes putting them in very absurd but intriguing situations for better or worse. One of the highlights of "Nixon" that Stone goes for the innovative techniques with this style, especially mixing film stocks. For the most part, "Nixon" feels like a documentary but done in a highly artistic expression and being outrageous at the same time. In a way, it feels that Stone didn't want to end the movie, he wanted to show more. Blu-ray includes commentaries tracks, an documentary, vintage featurette with director Stone being interviewed by Charlie Rose, deleted scnes with introduction by the director and the original theatrical trailer."Nixon" is a fascinating and longish picture that won't appeal to some tastes but if you get into the story and the characters, you might have yourself being entertained by the whole thing in this messy but always intriguing picture.

MEC r (de) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Dan R (br) wrote: It moves at that languid real life pace that movies can rarely get away with anymore. Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson Give great performances. There are times in this movie in which Glenda Jackson looks very similar to Catherine Zeta Jones. I am guessing its depictions of a gay man and a bi man were controversial at the time. Also One Night in Bangkok singer Murray Head is in this. I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine!

jimmi l (mx) wrote: Slet ikke s tosset endag.

Matt G (mx) wrote: Nostalgia holds a magical power over people. It can warm souls, comfort sadness, project youth, and even cloud judgment. This makes films like Labyrinth particularly difficult to read critically. Much like Goonies, Henson's Labyrinth's, a mix of wry comedy and innovatively designed ideas, put a loving trance on swaths of 20-40 year olds who happened to see it at the right time. Much like many of its ilk, I'm not sure it completely deserves all the accolades it gets from its fanboys/girls. However, it's still fantastical fun, even if its storytelling urgency is less than fully engulfing.It's a film more interested in incidents than plot (girl wishes brother would leave, goblins steal brother, sister has to get brother back). In that sense, and many others, it harkens Alice in Wonderland (my favorite Disney Animated film). It's an intensely imaginative movie that follows a bored young girl (played by Connelly with the charisma of a mannequin) as she encounters an adventure full of odd characters, winding streets, and inexplicable magic. The characters within the maze are fun and distinct, and Bowie matches the dark mystery of the story while keeping a childish wonder right below the surface.The difference between this and other kids-fantasy-adventures I REALLY love is hard to pinpoint. The design is outstanding, the humor is affable, the characters are surprising, and the scenes pop with surprise. Again, I can only assume my distance from this film during my early age keeps me at a slight distance. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable piece of 80s pop-culture that I'm shocked Tim Burton and Johnny Depp haven't ruined with a CG-covered remake. Give it time.