Brass Target

Brass Target

General George S. Patton died in a car accident in 1945. However, now speculates that his death was actually a murder carefully prepared by his staff to cover a large theft of gold.

General Patton tries to transfer the German gold stock to Frankfurt. But someone foils his plan. The military police begin to find the guilty... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefano C (ca) wrote: A me piaciuto molto, voglio rivederlo!

Caesar M (it) wrote: With a cover like Mega Piranha I expected some cheesy and over the top fun as I would with any movie called Mega Piranha. Even those expectations it still sucked. Mega Piranha is about a mutant strain of giant ferocious piranhas escaping from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida. That's pretty much the closest you'll get to a logical story because according to this movie Helicopter can't kill Piranhas with missiles and machine guns, the main characters come up with the conclusion that these Piranhas can grow bigger every 36 hours with no evidence, and there's actually a point in the movie where giant Piranhas jumping into buildings making everything explode. If you think that's stupid this movie managed to outdo itself twice, like when the people actually use a Battleship to kill these Piranhas and later nuke the Piranhas, and it does nothing to kill them. Moving on from the illogical story, this is the first time I hated a transition in a movie, it just flashes white in your face and it's miracle I didn't get a seizure because it happens often in this movie. It also lacks any character development, as you'll be really surprise to see the main character kissing his love interest who I didn't know existed in this movie because both character have connection to speak of. Everything about this movie is boring from characters, dialogue, giant Piranhas, all down to the tiniest detail. As for the acting it's Razzie material at best. I like it how Paul Logan, who plays Jason Fitch, has the same expression for every emotion. As for 80s Pop Sensation Tiffany, she's just awful just like everybody else in this movie. As for the special this movie reuses stock footage of bad effects over and over again. So with all of that out of the way, there was a couple of scenes I did enjoy, but the most memorable is when Paul Logan literally kicks several jumping Piranhas attacking him. It's ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, the same with seeing giant Piranhas actually blowing up when colliding with a building. Mega Piranhas is a movie that should've embrace it's cheesy story and made it into something goofy instead of taking it seriously and making it boring. The entertainment it does provide is best done with a video search since those few moments of entertainment aren't worth sitting through this bore-fest.

LordBishop34 (us) wrote: A surprisingly good film The movie is shot well and presents the enviroment well. The core story is solid if slightly undeveloped in areas, but it doesn't hurt the film. The twist at the end wasn't massively surprising, but they did hide it fairly well. Definately worth a look.

Dino L (us) wrote: It's a sweet short movie before Monster's University that has some cute moments, but as it is too similar to the excellent other Disney short Paperman, it's nothing special.

Christina D (jp) wrote: it's not great but it is entertaining

Thomas T (ag) wrote: A sweet story surrounded by the taste of sweet protagonists.

Luca V (jp) wrote: a very young Cate B., Glenn C. in good shape, the World War 2. Cruel Japanese, beautiful landscapes and so on

melie b (mx) wrote: this movie is a masterpiece, ahead of it's time!

Tristan P (jp) wrote: Effective but at times rather slow grindhouse flick. The werewolf make-up is standard issue Lon Chaney Jr./Paul Naschy stuff, but that's okay with me. Epecially when they throw in the naked chick dancing during the Satanic ritual scene.

Spencer P (jp) wrote: Both a questionable commentary on Christian apostasy and an emotional look at family and community, this is all-in-all a powerful faith-based drama.

Aaron B (nl) wrote: decent little flick. it was interesting to see Marilyn Monroe in a part before Hollywood turned her in into a sex symbol

Gareth D (ca) wrote: One of the great movies from one of the most revered Silent great comedians. Want to know why? Watch this. Very funny, edge of your seat wonder.

Jeremy B (br) wrote: Awesome movie. About time we got him