Cult director Richard Stanley brings Marillion's music to the screen in the 50-minute BRAVE. A teenager believed to be suicidal is discovered wandering near the Severn Bridge. Suffering from severe memory loss, she seeks information about the mysterious events that led to her condition. This work of fiction was inspired from the true story of an amnesiac woman found at the bridge.

A runaway girl is interviewed by a psychiatrist after a suicide attempt and her story is shown in subsequent flashbacks, accompanied by the music of Marillion's concept album 'Brave'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brave torrent reviews

Jeffery T (nl) wrote: wow... pathetic and not funny

Emma W (nl) wrote: Friggin crap filim..yes I said filim...and Bryan should be ashamed of himself

Maria K (mx) wrote: Entertaining movie! First time finishing the movie at once.. Pretty interesting!

Alexander C (us) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Roy C (ru) wrote: A mini Neil Patrick Harris pals with a purple cyclops that spouts music from its crazy horn.

Scott S (ru) wrote: This film about a strain relationship between a mother and a daughter will not excite you with action. But it will attack your mind with it's honesty and emotional ride. Ingrid Bergman does a fantastic job going from a variety of emotions that do not seem far fetched.

roger t (br) wrote: dated viewed: 9/9/10. dvd cover indicates this is within the realm of film noir, however, it is strictly a b-heist flick.....and an average one at that. interesting only for the very young lee van cleef (avec des cheveux).

Jonathan S (de) wrote: At times, Gunga Din feels like it doesn't know what to do and their are many mixed opinions of it's genre but by the end of this movie, you'll be happy you stuck through it.

Frances H (fr) wrote: A much better film than John Wick, although with similar plots, but here the hitman father kills his mob boss's son, who is about to kill the hitman's son, with the result that the boss wants to kill the hitman and his son both. It's a much better fit, because the actors are some of the best around today--Ed Harris, Liam Neeson, even Nick Nolte in a small bit part. The cinematography includes some memorable change of scene sequences, too. Much more dramatic play between the characters than just the violence of John Wick. Similar story, but better quality all around.

Kay L (ca) wrote: So boring and the soundtrack is dated and unbearable.

Charles E (it) wrote: This movie is a LOT like watching paint dry. At least watching paint dry is real. Much of this is fake.