• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:policeman,   aunt,  

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Phil A (de) wrote: une bonne leon de morale pour deux jeunes blacks....

Marshall N (de) wrote: I actually quite liked this movie, not bad, not too super powered and the whole awareness raising thing was good.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: Filmen bres frst og fremmest af, at Ulrich Thomsen og (isr) Nikolaj Lie Kaas leverer nogle ret morsomme prstationer. Iden er sjov, men fungerer bedst i den frste halvdel af filmen. Den fiser ligesom ud og slutter uforlst ... og desvrre umorsomt (hvilket ikke er godt for en komedie). Men den nr lige op p tre stjerner, fordi det er genialt at snige Poul Thomsen ind! :o)

Stevie B (us) wrote: Even though there is an alright ending, I really enjoyed the CGI, the witty screenplay, and the pretty good acting

Robyn N (kr) wrote: Filmed in widescreen black-and-white, this dark and harrowing film conveys the look of film noir combined with the bleak existentialist sentiments found in so many Eastern European works. "13 Tzameti" is a stylish thriller that is difficult to describe without giving too much away in a review. A deceptive first half ticks slowly by as the pieces fall into place. Sbastien (Georges Babluani) leads an impoverished life constantly struggling to support his immigrant family. While repairing the roof of a neighbor's house, he overhears a conversation about a forthcoming package which promises to make the household rich. Sensing the opportunity of a lifetime, Sbastien intercepts the package which contains a series of veiled instructions. Following the cryptic clues, he assumes a false identity and manages to slip through the grasp of the encroaching police as he ventures deeper towards the unknown. The closer he gets to his destination, the less he understands. Ultimately, he comes face to face with a perverse ring of gamblers placing bets on a depraved game of chance where the spoils are unimaginable millions, and the losses are counted in lives. Directed by Gela Babluani, "13 Tzameti" is a winner-take-all thriller where a naive young man is transformed into Player 13 in game with only one way out. Babluani turns this cryptic game of cat and mouse into a running nightmare of cold-blooded tension. Georgian-born director Babluani works like a prize fighter, distracting attention with one hand before slamming home with the other, and the clinical black and white photography only adds to the nightmare. Once the game is revealed, however, drama is sacrificed for pure tension. But although the outcome is never in any doubt, the twist in this nasty little tale is anything but a cheap shot. If you're in the mood for chilling suspense, place your bet on "13 Tzameti."

Elli C (it) wrote: is it horror or romantic one

Carlotta 4 (kr) wrote: A few of the songs in this film are quite fun, such as the "Spanish Panic" dance, or pretty much whatever Carol Burnett sang. But unfortunately... the REST of the songs feel forced and boring. Much rather like "oh, I guess it's time for a song... what can we have them sing about that somewhat relates to the plot?"The acting is decent or good (depending on the character). But with the songs slowing down the plot so much, I couldn't really get into this film.It was alright. But certainly not high on my list of favorite musicals.

Private U (gb) wrote: another excellent film from spain

Tommy H (nl) wrote: My favorite Paul Newman movie, and I love them all. I felt bad about the way he neglected his wife, but I still really liked his character. He was flawed in a honest and realistic way. This theme is so common with the roles Newman takes it makes me think maybe he's kind of like that in real life. What really makes this stand out from other good family dramas is the scene where buddy is trapped under the log. A very powerful scene that will leave you breathless. And to follow that up with a light-hearted ending. I don't know, this movie just seems very authentic to me.

Carlton R (ag) wrote: Fantastic,don't miss this classic

Private U (jp) wrote: Okay I have to admit I was thinking "oh no not another cheesy romance film with Ginger Rogers" but to my surprise this film ended up having a semi okay plot, and some okay acting. But what really got me was the actual history behind the story. The real footage used of Hitler and the strong political statements made. I loved it for the fact that it wasn't just another romantic movie set in the war time, but it actually revolved around the war. An excellent film if you can stomach Ginger Rogers acting in the first scene.

Peter P (jp) wrote: John Wayne's sad attempt to make a Clint Eastwood cop movie. Wayne has a few nice moments, but overall it is incredibly predictable and forgettable.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Just another inspirational "teacher meets troubled youth" movie, but that's just fine.

Luke C (fr) wrote: I am not impressed that Sparks changed his cliche'd romance formula! Grade C-

Anthony A (au) wrote: It was very meh. Just meh. Moving on.

Jeff W (it) wrote: Definitely a feel good movie that's worth watching.But it stops shy of being profound by the way it fails to treat the more challenging questions that result from such a miracle.

Camille L (mx) wrote: D'accord, Dolemite a peut-tre des vertus sociologiques, surtout au moment de sa sortie en 1975, et marqu des gnrations de rappeurs, mais le film de D'Urville Martin est si mal fichu qu'il est impossible d'apprcier rellement cette entreprise. Trop long, mme 90 minutes, scnaristiquement incomptent et ralis sans aucun sens du rythme, Dolemite ne vaut que pour ses combats hilarants, deux ou trois punchlines de Rudy Ray Moore et ses bad guys, bien plus intressants que son hros. La musique est ,comme d'habitude cette poque, bien plus russie que le film.