Breach in the Silence

Breach in the Silence

Adolescent and from a modest neighborhood, Ana has spent her years in front of a sewing machine, working to support her two younger brothers and silently enduring the abuse of a pervert ...

Adolescent and from a modest neighborhood, Ana has spent her years in front of a sewing machine, working to support her two younger brothers and silently enduring the abuse of a pervert ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam A (ru) wrote: The answer to the title, just like to so many other questions, is money and greed.

Jason V (us) wrote: Subtle humor mixed with ridiculousness; great random watch!

William R (nl) wrote: One of the most frustrating films I've ever seen in my life

jody (br) wrote: this guy can't sit at a desk and chew gum at the same time. I refuse to watch this movie.

Ramona T (br) wrote: "Someone looking through our photo album would conclude that we had led a joyous, leisurely existence free of tragedy. No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget."

Jesse O (nl) wrote: It's really hard avoiding comparisons between this film and Best in Show since it does feature the same cast (though Best in Show had a few additions), the same crew and the same comedic style. Personally, I found Best in Show to be absolutely fantastic, and I may have even underrated it here, and I'd say this was just a step below that. The formula is largely the same, the actors are pretty much given complete freedom to improvise and play around with their characters. I've always been a proponent of improvisation, in comedy movies, since, when done right and this cast always does it right, it can lead to some hilarious moments that really feel organic and natural as opposed to rigid and forced. For example, Horrible Bosses had some great improvisation and it also had that rigidness where you couldn't deviate from the script one bit and that ended up dragging it down, for me. This film, obviously, benefits from the improvisation as they lead to some really hilarious moments and interactions between the cast. And that's another thing...the cast, as always in these Christopher Guest films, are always tremendous and fully of incredibly talented people that make the most out of the opportunity given to them. Perhaps if I had a problem with the film is that the comedy isn't really as consistent as it was in Best in Show. That film was a-laugh-a-minute type. In this one, you'd have one really funny scene followed by some jokes that fall flat before becoming hilarious again. That was probably the film's biggest problem, since I can't really complain about much else when it comes to this film. Some of the comedy does fall flat, but, at least 75% of it works, especially David Cross' cameo was particularly hilarious. And this might even be the type of film that gets better with repeated viewings and I wouldn't rule that out at all.

Matt M (gb) wrote: Intense drama set in the Spanish Civil War, following a young englishman's involvement in the revolution as a member of the Communist Party. Though it's an intellectual's film, Loach is also very able in transmitting the passion of a revolutionary with his raw and documentary like style which adds impact through realism.

p b (ru) wrote: Typical 80's action, I love it. So, shut off all logic and just enjoy the silly thing!

Larry C (kr) wrote: Best war movie I've seen. Sounds great on my home theater. Great soundtrack

Jennifer E (jp) wrote: I'm see how far backward man has gone on the evolutionary scale.

Omar S (fr) wrote: Great movie! Ok sure Amitab looks like a homeless guy in this film, but love everything else. :D Great storyline

Edgar C (au) wrote: "The foulest stench is in the airThe funk of forty thousand yearsAnd grizzly ghouls from every tombAre closing in to seal your doomAnd though you fight to stay aliveYour body starts to shiverFor no mere mortal can resistThe evil of the thriller"How the hell can you dislike this film? Let me state, first of all, that the musical genre I despise with all of my guts the most is pop... and I LOVE this song. What basically was meant to be another musical perspective for showing the world created by a song through a video (in this case, a short film), launched Michael Jackson's career to the stars and established a new (and inevitably) definite law for every single singer and music group that would ever meant to be born: to have musical videos.I was in awe the first time I saw this (musical video) short film directed by John Landis, a director that was in a pretty good "cinematic shape" by the time (Animal House [1978], The Blues Brothers [1980], An American Werewolf in London [1981]). Few times has a musical video made my heart to literally beat out of my chest not because of being scared, but just because of pure excitement! John Landis' formula of classic horror perfectly works here, and to mix such dark themes with pop music was an audaciously daring concept, a talent that I enormously worship for working out effectively in the final.No Thriller review is complete without mentioning the dance choreography... with zombies! Besides the obvious fact that no one could make those dance steps look so tremendously good like Michael Jackson did, that scene alone makes the whole short film worth watching if you're not willing to watch a 13-minute musical video (but then again, who hasn't seen this?), which is one of the most extraordinary, mindblowing and stylish stuff I have ever seen. Combining the musical talents of Michael Jackson and the direction style of John Landis, both writing this masterful piece of pop music ended up being top-notch material. Overall, ths is statedly the most influential musical video of all time and arguably the best one ever made.Oh... you guessed right. I've been listening to this song several times, including while writing this short review. Formulaic, but innovative at the same time, Michael Jackson managed to take control over the horror genre... and turn it upside down! Dance for me, you zombie bitches!98/100

luke v (es) wrote: this was also vey disappointing with boring characters not all that good animation and some jokes work but, when they die they crash and burn!!! so this was a disappointment and you can totally skip this one.

Kieran F (mx) wrote: a pretty Clechie idea and it is boring because of it. The story is basically Scarface with black guys with a dash of boys in the hood. The story is about a drug dealer who dies and when he died he had just worked his way back up into the drug trade(simular to scarface)and along the way is able to get followers and also lose people. It's cliche but it...kinnda works but not intirally. DMX does a good job at the acting as along with the other actors(One upside to it) but the story's plot is messy it's...almost like A quention Tarintino Narative but isn't done as well. It's a little TOO messy and out of order that instead of feeling non-linear it's more...just...muddy LOL and it dosn't work. Another upside to the film is that it DOES have a interesting twist in it(I won't say it but it is interesting) but at the same time the plot is very Cliche besides this. I think this film could've been interesting if it wasn't so Cliche and also wasn't so messy of a narative. It's not a BAD film but it's not an amazing film either its a film that when you sit down to watch it your expecting more then it's cleche Ideas and when you get them your dissapointed and want the film to just end.