Once upon a time ... Angie, an aging star reluctantly goes on one last shoot for a seedy Producer, on location, in an enchanting old cabin deep in the shadowy forest. While on the shoot the cast and crew encounter Henry, and his little sweet sister Patti, two strange and mysterious children who seem to live in the woods. A violent attack on the second evening of shooting sends Angie and the rest of the crew into a frighten frenzy. They lock themselves into their secluded cabin and find themselves trapped and surrounded by an unknown assailant. Could these two children be responsible for these vicious attacks?

Story about a group shooting an adult film at a remote cottage, only to come across two mysterious young siblings who seem to simply live amongst the trees. The same day, they come under attack from a psychotic killer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (kr) wrote: John Wayne at his finest.

Robert V (nl) wrote: Michelle was a Gem in this! Marilyn Monroe would have been proud and her portrayal is just marvelously done! The comic timing is also really well done!

Hillary G (it) wrote: This movie totally sucks. Complete waste of time. Director drags out scenes to make the meager hour and fifteen time. If you consolidated all the actual plot and dialogue content, it would be 30 minutes of brain damaged characters doing not much of anything.

Armchair O (kr) wrote: Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer is rousing adventure; exciting, adventurous and just plain fun. After the disaster of super-sized fairy tale adaptations like Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood, this is the one that gets it right. It uses great special effects at the service of a story that, while not completely airtight, at least has enough surprises to give you your money's worth.That might seem somewhat surprising given the material. Jack the Giant Slayer was never the most gripping of the old English fairy tales: A kid with buyer's remorse accidentally plants a beanstalk and climbs his newly acquired foliage to a magic castle occupied by a grump with a severe case of gigantism and low social skills. Not much to build a movie on.Screenwriters Darren Lemke, Christopher McQuarrie and Dan Studney do the material a service by changing it up and expanding the story in order to give it some energy. Their expanded story contains only the framework of the original. It begins in the kingdom of Cloister with the reading of an ancient legend being told to two children, one is a royal, the other is a peasant. Jack, a farm boy, practically has the story memorized. While at the castle a little princess named Isabel is being read the same story and it places in her heart a spirit of adventure. This framing device pays off in a really beautiful way.Jump forward a decade and Jack (Nicolas Hoult from Warm Bodies) is a strapping young buck without a penny to his name. He goes to the town market to sell his uncle's horse (horses are more interesting than cows) and meets a friar that, at first, offers him money but then offers him a handful of beans that he claims hold the fate of the world. He's right because high above the earth lays the kingdom of the giants. Yes, giants, more than one. In fact, more than you might imagine although curiously no females. Maybe there's a reason they're so grumpy.Later an accident causes one of Jack's magic beans to seep into the grown and what is produced is a beanstalk that doesn't grow overnight, but actually grows right before Jack's eyes. The problem: the stalk has taken away not only the kid's house but also the King's daughter Isabel who was passing by. The King (Ian McShane) learns of his daughter's dilemma and summons his best men, including Elmont (Ewan McGregor) the leader of the king's elite guard, and Lord Roderick (Stanley Tucci), the king's adviser, who has a plan for usurping the king using the giants (long story), to climb up and retrieve his beloved daughter.What follows is difficult to describe without spoilers but what can be reported is that the screenplay is open enough to new ideas. It doesn't follow a simplistic slog from beginning to the inevitable conclusion, but contains set pieces that are short works of genius, like a scene in which Jack and Elmont attack a giant with a bee hive; or a bit in a giant's kitchen with the chef who, literally, makes pigs-in-a- blanket. And, of course, the breathtaking moment when the beanstalk comes crashing down.The story told here is a good one. Yes, the characters could use a little more definition but you're having so much fun along the way that you hardly notice. Elmont might easily be the hero of this adventure but since Isabel's eyes are so glued to Jack, he gives hints that he might feel a bit left out.Jack the Giant Slayer isn't a perfect movie but it is better than you might expect. Its fun where other CG adventures are merely exercises in special effects. The effects give the giants personality. Yes, they're nasty but you can tell them apart. They are more than just the sum of their pixels, and so is the screenplay which has time for perfect little moments of ingenuity. This is a fun movie.

Faisal M (mx) wrote: Was expecting it to be better. it was very funny at times but they dragged it alot at times. should have been 2 hrs long. the surprise package was (cant belive im saying it) tusshar kapoor (yikes). he was damn funny. anywyas good for a one time watch

Wade W (gb) wrote: Disturbia is a very entertaining and edge of your seat thriller that will resonate heavily with teens. It's full of great pop culture references, has amazing music, a solid cast and a very well written script. It ends up being a unique experience overall, one you'll want to watch over and over.

John W (au) wrote: The only descent actors in this film was the sharks at least they did things properly they ate ate ate.... The entire cutting of scenes from different movies gets a little annoying in some places especially when the scene shifts from the ocean to a backdrop of a boat at land and then the boat in the middle of the ocean. Especially the weather changes every 2 minutes i suppose throwing these things together gives someone a job. Watchable if you really want to watch the disaster unfold and pray the sharks eat everyone

Heather F (ag) wrote: Thought this would be better since part of the cast is comprised of the same cast as "the devils rejects" very predictable B horror movie. Don't waste your time.

Xiaoxiao Y (gb) wrote: L'image et le texte.. une thematique typiquement godardienne. Il est non seulement cineaste mais plutot artiste visuel. Ce film est une reflexion complexe et inachevee sur le monde modern, une belle eloge de l'image et de la pensee. Pas facile a saisir et vaut la peine de revoir.

Sean C (nl) wrote: A little too long and having a knowledge of the key players would help, but does a good job of showing how we got deeply involved in Vietnam. That this came out in 2002 and made no splash is distressing.

Anthony S (jp) wrote: I really don't care what anyone says. I love this movie. I thought the storyline was great, Mariah's acting skills are excellent and the best part about the movie is her vocals. The soundtrack is epic.

Ahmed M (nl) wrote: Even from a fan of Mortal Kombat, this is an insult to the games, and an unbearable movie.

Martin T (ag) wrote: From the title you can tell this is more a straight gangster movie than a true noir. It's cheap and quick and dirty, and quite a bit of gritty fun. But there's nothing superlative about it at all, it's pretty standard stuff. Lawrence Tierney is the only noteworthy aspect, intimidating and forceful in his screen debut. A few giddily enjoyable touches, such as the amusingly ironic ending... nothing to write home about, though.

David H (it) wrote: A Movie about the Jewish Gangster Butch Stein (Mickey Rourke) who set free from Prison after 9 Years once he was the Leader of a Jewish Gang who controls the Hood now he is soul is broken and his heroine addicted his Hood is now controlled by a Black Gang who is ruled from Tupac who have losen an Eye in a Fight with Butch Stein but Butch is a crazy Badass and beaten even Tupac's Mightiest Gorilla at the End he dies like a Man this is a realstic Story about a Gangster his Life is ruined damned to live on the darkside his Family is broken too the crazy older Brother who is a crazy Vietnam Veteran who is hillarious played by Ted Levine and the younger creative Brother who is a Excelent Sprayer played also good by Adrien Brody one of the best Gangster Movies of the last 20 Years

Calvin L (kr) wrote: Again, very feel good, and here for Hepburn

Abb J (fr) wrote: If I Stay: Chloe Grace Moretz is Mia, a cello prodigy caught in a supernatural no man's land between life and death following a deadly auto accident with her family. Despite a few slow spots in the story, Moretz's strong performance turns what could have been a predictably cheesy and manipulative teen-targeted tearjerker into a heartfelt teen-targeted tearjerker. B+

Dawni C (fr) wrote: slow at first, but then I got into it. being a huge fan of Katherine Heigl really helped, her love interest is cute!!

JB R (fr) wrote: Many years ahead of the embedded journalism fad, master documentarians Pennebaker and Hegedus saw an opportunity during the 1992 Democratic primaries to follow a fantastic story in real time. The result is one of the greastest political docs of all time and it is gripping and entertaining as it was fresh in the early 90s. The film focuses on George Stephanopoulous and James Carville, two perfectly opposite characters and their quest to make Bill Clinton president. The film is a thrilling ride and more about the process than the end result. A masterpiece.