Break My Fall

Break My Fall

Three days in the life of four friends after which there's no going back. That moment in your life when everything changes forever. The boyish Liza (Redstone) and the girly Sally (Anderson) live in a messy London flat, where they consume rather a lot of alcohol and drugs. Sally is working in a cafe, while Liza works on songs for their post-punk band. But Liza is also consumed with jealousy over Sally's ex, who lives in Germany. Kanchi Wichmann’s promising debut contains plenty of sights, sounds and sensations that will be familiar to those acquainted with the east London queer scene – indeed, a timely sense of place is one of the strengths of this twentysomething drama.

Three days in the lives of four friends on the streets of East London. Girlfriends Liza and Sally have a band to pull together and a birthday to celebrate, yet from this moment on their lives will change forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blake P (ca) wrote: For years, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has played the supporting role. But in "Smashed", it's her turn to headline a film, and she is so terrific that we feel as though we are witnessing fresh new talent - like Brie Larson in "Short Term 12", Winstead is sans makeup, confidence, and togetherness. Here she plays Kate Hannah, a young woman who has a happy marriage and a satisfying job as a second grade teacher. However, both Kate and her husband (Aaron Paul) are extreme alcoholics, and have always been that way. They tell themselves that they are the perfect match because they have the same sense of humor and the same tastes, but in actuality, they have a mutual adoration for getting drunk, and it's even better to be together when they're drunk together. Kate knows something is wrong when three startling events happen back to back to back - first, when teaching, she vomits on the floor, in front of her entire class, since she still has a hangover (it doesn't help that she takes a gulp of whiskey before she leaves her car to begin the day). She tells the principal, in desperation, that she's pregnant. Next, while under the influence, she decides to give a woman a ride home, who just so happens to smoke crack and just so happens to be homeless. The next day, Kate wakes up in an abandoned industrial area, hungover, alone, and with the awful memory that she, a second grade teacher, smoked crack the night before. Later that night, she gets so smashed that, at two o'clock in the morning, she rides her bike to a nearby convenience store to purchase some wine - when she is informed that she can't buy alcohol this early in the morning, she not only has a complete meltdown in front of the clerk, but, when she can't find a bathroom, she urinates in the middle of the floor. After she is invited by a colleague (Nick Offerman) to join him in AA, she decides that quitting drinking would be a good idea. But things don't clear up the way she thought they would when she becomes sober: after all, her marriage is completely based off of alcohol. You could call "Smashed" depressing, but you could also call it brilliant. Though just 81 minutes, Ponsoldt gives the film an importance not felt in most indie films - through handheld camerawork, little music, and no glitz, the focus is completely on Kate's journey towards sobriety, and due to its high amount of realism and small amount of soap opera, it's one that is just as hard to watch as it is for Kate to endure. "Smashed" belongs to Winstead, who should have gotten nominated for an Oscar for her, simply, amazing work. Many films have tried to show alcoholism in its true form, but many have failed either because its leading actor couldn't pull it off or because the director decided to give it Lifetime channel feel instead. But Winstead certainly isn't only blessed with the gift of acting drunk believably. Kate makes many idiotic decisions without a doubt, but Winstead is able to make us sympathize with her automatically, through her interactions with her students or by her rocky relationship with her equally unstable mother. When Kate finally gets sober, and we watch her attempt to continue her marriage with the straightness of an arrow, our hearts break with her when she realizes that as long as she stops drinking, she doesn't have anything in common with husband. My only complaint is the abrupt ending: while it matches the unpredictability of the film, there was a part of me that wanted to explore a bit more of Kate's newfound life as a recovering addict. It upsets me, however, that at this point, Winstead isn't a big star - but I have to remind myself that as long as she continues to make films like this one, she has a long career ahead of her.

Emily H (nl) wrote: Excellent movie. The acting was fully believable and the story was interesting. What really got me was all of the connections between the questions on the game show and his life. It was through those questions that we saw his life. It was also really interesting how the whole movie was in English but also a bit of Hindi. The whole movie was excellent.

Nik M (de) wrote: Its first half is talkier than Part One, but it's clear that Soderbergh's treatment is intended to deny almost all opportunities for spectacle or the dramatics, substituting them for gritty realism and a serious approach to a serious historical figure. Del Toro's performance is undeniably impressive and shines all the brighter in the film's satisfyingly intense conclusion.

Leonard D (ag) wrote: Not too interesting with the characters, and the story is decent, but what really stuck out in this film is the comet hitting the earth and the destruction that followed! That right there is one of the most terrifying moments I have ever seen in a film! The comet, aka the giant floating mountain of ice, stole the show! Besides that, a mediocre movie from beginning to end.

Richard C (kr) wrote: moving sometimes frightening story of a childs imagination seemingly affecting reality.recommended.

Benjamin Z (es) wrote: Based on actual events,"Salvador" is an excoriating indictment of the Reagan administration's role in El Salvador,and who better to tell it than Oliver Stone. When Richard Boyle(play by James Wood in one of his best perfomances ever),an American journalist in search of kicks,drives with a buddy south of the border to El Salvador,he is unprepared for the horror that awaits him. A powerful indictment of US policy in Latin America and a searching,sensitively acted portrait of a man rediscovering responsibility. Stone developed a taste for history early in life,and 'Salvador" was his first examination into unresolved national traumas,which was later followed by "Platoon","Born On The Fourth Of July","Heaven and Earth","Nixon","World Trade Center",and one of his latest one"W".

Stephan G (us) wrote: This movie is flawless! Brilliant satire, parody and meta sci-fi in both genre and subject matter.

Cameron F (kr) wrote: Denzel Washington as an inmate who talks his estranged basketball star son into attending the prison wardens alma matter. A bit far fetched and again Lee's pacing of the film becomes its downfall.

WS W (gb) wrote: Uninteresting, non-captivating, disappointing.

Logan M (mx) wrote: Everyone has their own opinion about "Titanic," but to each his own. The famous vessel works as a perfect backdrop for the film's commentary on social status, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have such epic screen presence.

Pierluigi P (au) wrote: Atmospherical and low key Val Lewton-esque thriller .