When his SUV breaks down on a remote Southwestern road, Jeff Taylor lets his wife, Amy, hitch a ride with a trucker to get help. When she doesn't return, Jeff fixes his SUV and tracks down the trucker -- who tells the police he's never seen Amy. Johnathan Mostow's tense thriller then follows Jeff's desperate search for his wife, which eventually uncovers a small town's murderous secret.

A man searches for his missing wife after his car breaks down in the middle of the desert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Breakdown torrent reviews

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Grade - BWith an excellent performance from Tom Hanks, some thrilling plane sequences and a tense third act, 'Sully' succeeds as a good movie. What stops it from being great however is the way the story is told, as many long flashbacks are shown that did make the movie feel a little disjointed; and ultimately I think a more linear narrative would've worked better.

Adam D (kr) wrote: Not the greatest story out there, but watchable

Aaron P (us) wrote: awesome, awesome french suspense movie. and this guy gets drunk! very drunk.

Smashproplaya (nl) wrote: Great way to close out the renaissance.

Corey n (mx) wrote: Not a bad film overall. About three college students that become the best of friends. Two guys and a girl end up living together in a dorm room due to a error. The film stars Lara Flyn Boyle, Stephen Baldwin and Josh Charles. Baldwin plays the typical sex crazy jock. Boyle is the strong women but has feelings for each roomate. While Charles is the insecure student who realizes that he is gay. Sexual tension between the three builds up through out the film. In the end they decide to have a threesome. That in turns makes their friendship arkward after that. The story is solid and the cast each do a good job in their roles. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack to the film. Some great songs are in this. Worth at least a one time watch.

David G (es) wrote: Marketing at its worst.

Enrique P (br) wrote: what the hell is this??? O.o???

Chris M (fr) wrote: Hmm. ok I'll try it.

Dominik K (ag) wrote: Very good documentary about the mindset of a bodybuilder. Strong genes are one thing, but hard work another.. Respect to Kai Greene for his hard work.