Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering

Set in a blighted, inner-city neighbourhood of London, Breaking and Entering examines an affair which unfolds between a successful British landscape architect and Amira, a Bosnian woman – the mother of a troubled teen son – who was widowed by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A landscape architect's dealings with a young thief cause him to re-evaluate his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanne L (jp) wrote: I just love this film for the low budget gorefest...Plus I am a Cradle of Filth fan.

Katherine M (es) wrote: quirky.. excellent cinematography.. kinda sexy.. love it!

Kristy P (gb) wrote: Hilarious. I seriously did not think this movie would be all that great, but I was wrong!! was hysterical.

Pablo G (kr) wrote: 3.4/5Doesnt really add too much to the drug-crime genre, and even for its great characters and setting it can get a bit tiring some times, but what it offers is a tense and very well made and thought out thriller with plenty of style and edgy but clever moments.

Gibran K (kr) wrote: one of my all time favourites becoz of bhai !

Ky K (au) wrote: This drama is sometimes intriguing, however the final part is disappointing.

Camilla A (jp) wrote: uten denne, blir det ikke jul....

Bernie M (br) wrote: This movie is plain old fun. I like seeing all these older actors like Howard, Dreyfuss and Ford when they were really young. The cars and music were both really good. I like the intertwined plot lines. This movie is simply a throwback to the 60s, so it really doesn't age since everything is meant to be old. It's timeless almost. It was funny at times too. Definitely a decent movie.

Anthony C (fr) wrote: This film is more about Sicily's social status at the time, mocking it in a genius and very accurate manner! Stefania Sandrelli is just as gorgeous as the locations!My beautiful Sicily, flawed yet intriguing, irresistible, and loved by everyone.

Adam S (br) wrote: Francesco Rosi made some of Italy's best political realist films of the 60's, and this one, about a ruthless land developer using his political position to further his business, and avoid criminal charges, is especially wordy and penetrating. The black and white photography is stunning.

Jon H (ca) wrote: Great Movie but cant watch the end...My family has had 3 yellow labs since I saw this movie when I was a child even though yeller wasn't a lab its close enough

Sandra P (fr) wrote: one of the best musicals ever!

Ice R (mx) wrote: Bette is wonderful, as usual, in this great drama!

Allan C (us) wrote: As a complete film, I'm not sure this one quite comes off, but in terms of being a love letter to grindhouse cinema, it's filled with wonderful touches throughout that make it an absolute treat for fans of 1970s exploitation flicks (which I came to love in the 80s on VHS). Touches that I loved in "Death Proof" were the faux scratched up print, the costumes that looked both contemporary and period, the missing scenes, the film's title change ("Quentin Tarantino's Thunder Bolt" that appears onscreen for a split second), bad rack focusing, the film title font choice, the subtle reference to other classics like "Gone in 60 Seconds" in the film's opening title sequence or references to cheerleader and muscle car movies or to voyeuristic giallo films or even dialogue references to classics like "Vanishing Point" or "Big Wednesday," and then there's the casting of Kurt Russell, which that in and of itself is enough to evoke nostalgia from 80s Gen-Xers who should be thrilled to see Russell getting to play a badass once again. The story is one of the film's weak points, which is unusual for a Tarantino film. The story follows two separate sets of beautiful women being stalked by serial killer Stuntman Mike (Russell) and his Death Proof car, but maybe the implausible story and gaps in logic are part of Tarantino's homage to exploitation cinema. Another complaint is that some of the dialogue, particularly in the first half of the film, although entertaining didn't seem to serve either the story or character development, which Tarantino usually does so well. But again, Tarantino may just have been riffing and having fun with this freewheeling film. But for all it's flaws, this is still a highly entertaining film and it's impossible not to enjoy the badass showdown between Stuntman Mike and the second set of women, who happen to include amazing stuntwoman Zoe Bell. This film should have made Zoe Bell an action star, but that may not have happened since there are so few female action roles in Hollywood. Tarantino really knocks it out of the park with the film's final chase and action sequences, which are greatly aided by Tarantino's excellent choice of music (though the music choices throughout the film are great). If you had any misguided belief that this was a throwaway film on Tarantino's part, he again proves himself as a true "cinema guy" and does deliver some moments of pure cinema (moments that could not be captured in books, animation, comics, or any medium outside of film). Besides any scene with Russell, I think my favorite moment of the film is was when Zoe Bell is on the hood of the Dodge Charger and Tarantino has the camera go into close-up on Rosario Dawson's face, who is at first terrified by Bell on the hood and then slowly comes to the realization that Bell is loving it, as Dawson breaks out into a smile. It's a great performance by Dawson, but Tarantino's slow zoom and patience to hold on Dawson are just brilliant. Like most Tarantino films, this one features a deliciously eclectic cast, that besides Russell and Bell includes Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, Jordan Ladd, the underrated Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eli Roth, Michael Parks as Earl McGraw and James Parks as Edgar McGraw, Marley Shelton, and Nicky Katt. Although this film is likely Tarantino's weakest film, it's still a solid film and well worth watching.

David L (it) wrote: Ip Man has a jarring tonal shift, inconsistent structure and pacing and it could have been even better overall, but it is still quite a good film with fantastic action sequences that are so thrilling to watch and impeccably crafted, solid character development, good acting and it is a satisfying flick both as a historical biopic and as martial arts action.

Brian S (gb) wrote: Another of Tarantino's epic crime movies, but this one really is the most classic out of all of his great movies. It's a great, well developed and intriguing story, which is enriched with many famous actors, but the best are really Ving Rhames, John Travolta and the great Samuel L. Jackson, who's terrific, and even funny. That's something that I liked, is the dark humor in this flick, along side with good old fashioned Quentin Tarantino gore. One of the best movies ever made. Recommended !!