Breaking Out

Breaking Out

The enthusiastic Reine is forced to take a job as a social worker at Kumla prison.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   murder,   prison,  

Reine quits his job because he's tired of his boss. He takes a job at the Kumla Prison in hope that he can set up a play acted by the prisoners, who are not very interested. But they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph W (jp) wrote: One of the top five best comedies ever made.

Triston C (gb) wrote: I've always dreamed of living in a fairytopia! :)

Zoran S (br) wrote: Black Friday isn't very good but I still get a kick out of the "science" behind movies like this.

Harry W (it) wrote: I fully expected Welcome to Mooseport to be a bad film, but since it had Gene Hackman in the lead role I decided against missing it.With a film like Welcome to Mooseport, you kind of have to ask yourself the question "what is the point?" It's hard to sit down in front of the film and more challenging to actually keep on watching because it is so inane and directionless that it gets way too tedious too fast.Usually, a bad comedy films has jokes that it attempts to tell and can be either hit and miss or so stupid that they are unintentionally funny. With Welcome to Mooseport, I kept on asking myself the question "where are the jokes?" because there don't seem to be any. Welcome to Mooseport is supposed to be a comedy, but its premise is not funny and it does not have jokes that are easy to find without an airport radar. Since the plot of Welcome to Mooseport is so utterly predictable, viewers would hope for some fun in the gimmicks. Here, the film is so utterly terrible and boring that I wonder if the filmmakers were actually trying.Welcome to Mooseport is clearly nothing more than an attempt to capitalise on Ray Romano's fame from Everybody Loves Raymond and Gene Hackman's legacy as a two-time Academy Award winning actor, but it does nothing for them at all and just degrades their talents with a lacklustre script and the inexperienced direction of Donald Petrie. Unlike in previous cases such as Miss Congeniality however, in Welcome to Mooseport he doesn't even allow the right material for the actors to let themselves flourish on their own. Consider this: Welcome to Mooseport not only lost about $16 million at box office which is more than half of its budget, but it drove Gene Hackman into retirement. If a two-time Academy Award winning actor has to end up starring in films that are actually this poor, then it is a smart move to call it quits and so that is exactly what Gene Hackman did. But who knows what else he could have done if Welcome to Mooseport didn't drive him to retirement. Donald Petrie put an end to Gene Hackman's career with Welcome to Mooseport, and although he retires with a lot of high merits, Welcome to Mooseport is not a good way for him to go out. Welcome to Mooseport capitalises on none of Gene Hackman's talents, neither comedically or dramatically, and it is just pathetic.There is not a single time in Welcome to Mooseport that I laughed, and not even a time that I cringed. Welcome to Mooseport was so bad that I did not feel anything but boredom and could not make it to the end. But considering that it was clear Welcome to Mooseport was following a formula, it isn't hard to predict how it would have come out. Welcome to Mooseport has no surprises in it, and although I didn't expect any, I at least expected it to attempt to tell a joke or two. It just did not even bother to try, so the script in Welcome to Mooseport is the main source of all the problems.Ray Romano uses his natural comedic persona in Welcome to Mooseport, but it just isn't that funny. While fans of his long running stint on the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond may find some fun in it, fans of entertaining or funny films have thousands of better places to look. If you actually try looking in Welcome to Mooseport, it will be like a game of Where's Wally that isn't any fun whatsoever.Seriously, Welcome to Mooseport barely ever makes an attempt at telling a joke and in scenes where it seems like it might be, there is no way to be certain because the material is not the slightest bit funny, and the only way viewers are going to remember it is because of the way that it just wastes the talents of its skilful leading actors and wastes the time of viewers on material that ended up driving Gene Hackman into retirement. So all in all, it is just way too goddamned boring for its own good and lacking in any originality whatsoever. The only nice aspect of the film is the scenery of the titular town Mooseport.But still, Welcome to Mooseport refuses to actually let viewers feel welcome whatsoever because it has no jokes in its script and it is too derivative to have any real entertainment value, leaving it to be nothing more than a waste of the talents of sitcom star Ray Romano and two-time Academy Award winning actor Gene Hackman.

Keira R (gb) wrote: I HATED THIS MOVIE!!! Hated it so much that I wouldn't tolerate more than an hour of it (it lasts 4 hrs). I couldn't get past the Donald Sutherland/Diane Lane pairing. Blah!! It's sooo boring (and I normally LOVE stuff related to the Civil War) but this is SO not worth the time. Good actors: Anne Bancroft, Gwen Verdon, Cicely Tyson, Blythe Danner, etc, but that was the ONLY good thing about the movie.

Sarah P (mx) wrote: Two words: Guinevere Turner. :) As always, she is teh awesomez! The movie itself is a bit cheesy, but entertaining enough, and certainly worth the price of rental for Guin.

MariePier D (es) wrote: Wow! I didn't have that kind of teenage years, lol! Good for me though! Watch your language kids! I just hated the end, but I guess it was perfect for that kind of "open your eyes" film!Wow, on tait loin de mon adolescence mais c'est une bonne chose! Et surveillez votre langage les enfants! J'ai dtest la fin de ce film, mais je crois qu'elle tait tout de mme approprie car elle permettait de nous ouvrir les yeux.

Steve S (us) wrote: Fairly typical steamy thriller. A nerdish teen falls for the sultry and beautiful woman next door. When she kills her husband, she recruits the kid to help her cover it up. Isabel Lucas as the wife is beautiful, but her acting skills aren't the best. Jonas does a little better on the acting, but with his good looks and bulging biceps, it hard seeing him as the cowering virgin.

Kashfia F (au) wrote: So visually pleasing ;-)

Rhiannon P (ru) wrote: Robert De Niro and Phillip Seymour Hoffman both give flawless performances.

Brad S (mx) wrote: Awkward and irregular like its star, Ping Pong Summer has its moments of nostalgia and quirkiness, but a lot of it's story and characters feel sadly undeveloped. But it was worth a watch just for the flashbacks to my teenage years in the 80's.

hannah b (nl) wrote: A true story about a group of British soldiers along with a regiment of german jews travelling across Egypt to stop the petrol supply for the nazis; with a few hiccups along the way. It has some witty one liners amongst the drama, it has a great cast with Peppard playing a superb role and Hudson playing a true hero. Its such an interesting film as to see a battle undemined as it was crucial; it is a real classic.