Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle

Jason's idea of romance is planning anonymous gay hookups through a chat room, while his roommate Chad wants to find Mr. Right. When a friend shows Chad how to access the chat room, he meets someone named "Hook-Up Boy" who seems very familiar. The two men are soon falling for each other online, but what will happen when they finally "meet"?

Jason is addicted to Internet chat rooms and is looking for his dream guy there. Chad is looking a little closer to home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Breaking the Cycle torrent reviews

John T (it) wrote: This was different. I have to say I did enjoy it, though.

Ari K (nl) wrote: Extremely disturbing, especially because it is about true events.

Shanie Y (gb) wrote: Candies for eyes and ears. It's more like a documentary/music videos rather than a movie, though.

Julie D (es) wrote: what a gritty, honest, insightful movie. It could be qapplied to aany of us.

Ashley K (ag) wrote: Haha Martin Short rocks

Andy P (mx) wrote: Former US secretary of defense Robert McNamara doesn't strike me as a very interesting subject and failed to hold my attention but perhaps he does for people with an interest in military history, and Errol Morris has delivered an even handed and brilliantly presented special interest documentary that showcases his formidable skills in the field.

Russ B (it) wrote: 12/25/2016: Not as good as I remembered it, but still pretty decent. A good cast and an interesting story about life in the hood.

Jonas E (it) wrote: This funny, well acted parody of Universals horror films of the 1930s is without a doubt Mel Brooks' best picture! And if you are thinking about seeing the new frankenstein movie don't! Watch this one instead :) You will thank me later!

Eduardo C (mx) wrote: A film i found strange, but repeat viewings helped me fall in love with it. A seemingly normal middle-aged English man takes his kids by car to the middle of the Australian outback desert, and for no reason, tries haphazardly to kill them, fails to do so, and ends up destroying the car and committing suicide. Then they wander the desert for days, nearly die, and are saved by an aborigine teenager who is experiencing his own Walkabout adventure. The Walkabout is when he has to live on his own for months to prove his skills and manhood before returning to his people. What happens next i cannot say but it gets better !

Adam R (nl) wrote: Notable today for being the first film to win the Academy Award for best picture, but I didn't find it easy to watch. Time hasn't been kind to Wings. While some technical aspects may be impressive for its time, it is completely lacking in entertainment value. (First and only viewing - 2/7/2011)

Adam W (fr) wrote: Cheesy, but entertaining toss.