Breast Men

Breast Men

We follow the two Texas doctors who invented the modern breast implant and its surgical procedure. However, when success and money come their way, they split up and follow different paths. One becomes the surgeon of the everyday woman while the other's career freefalls and has to settle with strippers and actresses. The film covers their history, and their invention's, from the sixties until today

A movie about two doctors who created breast implants as it follows them over the years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie G (de) wrote: Good idea for a story. Can't understand how a society could get that way.

James D (es) wrote: Typical Stone Cold movie ... can't stand Gil Bellows.

Amethyst v (br) wrote: Nice moral movie. A couple are pressed to carefor delinquent boys. Reluctance turns to pleasure and they make a career of it. Helping wayward boys to turn their lives around.

Sebastian B (es) wrote: Interesting history about Unit 731. Very Looong and messy.

Bengel W (ag) wrote: More thrilling than the TV series this movie showcases what the big screen can do for that extra thrill. Comfortable acting ensures a pleasurable experience with the added CGI for wonderful galactic views. Action is straightforward but the storyline is well acted and filmed. Nibbles: Digestive cookies.

Kristin R (gb) wrote: A great kids film and very sweet, with a fantastic moral Base line. Abigail Breslin is a hot little up and comer in Hollywood, and while she could be fairly annoying at times in this, she definitely proved why she is doing so well. Good for the whole family.

John C (kr) wrote: Very underrated movie, I laugh each and every time I watch it and the jokes never get old.

The M (es) wrote: What a piece of shit.No suspense. No horror. No.. nothing..

Laeti F (es) wrote: ouhh is that the movie with kidman?

Scott M (au) wrote: I like this movie a lot. Yeah I know that its kind of a doushy hipster comedy for the 90's but I still really like it. So many funny scenes. Plus Winona Ryder who is so hot. Big crush on her when I was younger.

Tommy H (es) wrote: I thought it was terrible. The whole point of the film is summed up in the last shot of a broken tombstone that reads "1964 - not forgotten." Maybe they should have left this story buried. The first hour of the movie put me in a real sour mood. Nothing but racist talk and violence. If you're a real racist you might actually get a kick out of this movie. There's no characters to like. Everyone acts in a stiff way and boring way to pull off the dumb redneck. Dafoe is very bland and a bit autistic, I think. A weird thing I noticed is that he sounds exactly like Agent Smith in The Matrix. He even wears a suit like Agent Smith. Hackman's name in the movie is Anderson and Dafoe says it like in The Matrix, like there's a period between each syllable of his name. The point of the appearance and speech pattern of Agent Smith was to show him as just a generic, unnoticeable nobody. Someone who would blend into a crowd. A faceless computer program. It was appropriate in The Matrix, but Dafoe's Agent Smith impression made the character distant and unreadable. He's dull, but at least he's a good man. Hackman's character made no sense to me. The way his character develops, he starts out racist enough, especially with all his black jokes, to not like him. He's also creepy around women. He seems like a redneck himself at times. But then half way through the film, for no real explained reason, the movie acts as if he was always a nice guy. Very weird. I still didn't like him. But at least he was the only person in the entire movie to give a lively performance. Also, I'm not use to seeing people behave this way in movies so the characters seemed very unfamiliar to me. It didn't elevate the cinematic experience, but if they were proper representations of people back then it's interesting and unpleasant.I didn't care for the other characters either because I didn't like them or I didn't know who they are. If I was black I don't think I'd feel empowered by this film. It's just a grim reminder of a past event. It's depressing. A young black boy is in it for a little bit. He doesn't do much, and then he's gone for the whole movie. Besides that boy, I hate to say it, but it felt to me like the black people in the movie were just props in a film about white people. The most glaring example is how through the movie were shown hate crime after hate crime, and after each crime things settle down and the movie resumes like nothing happen. But when Frances McDormand got beaten up that's when the CIA agents lose their cool and show a little emotion. Only when a white person gets hurt does the movie show a little enthusiasm to seek justice. Only that character is assigned any meaningful importance. And besides the black women singing at the end, who we don't know, the resolve of the movie is about Hackman and the woman talking. Is this a movie about blacks or women? Women's rights are important, but considering the context of the film I just thought it didn't celebrate justice for black people enough. If it wasn't for the excessive racist talk and violence toward blacks you'd forget this is a film about civil rights.What it reminded me of is a bad slasher movie. We know who the killers are right away and after that we just follow the detectives and listen to people be racist. With all the violence thrown in it's like a slasher movie where you know the killer right away and the rest of the movie is just uncreative and disgusting death scenes that grow on your nerves. Or like watching Faces of Death. What puts me off is how the movie doesn't pick a side. It's just telling the story. There's no emotion in the movie. Hackman gets mad when the woman is beat up. Dafoe is like an android. The only real emotion in the film is the rednecks anger towards blacks which just hangs in the air, meaningless and offensive, and the emotion you yourself put into it. The shocking hate crimes didn't make me emotional, it just made me disgusted. The movie was like watching a real video of whites beating up blacks. I wouldn't give a video like that 5 stars. I know this is based on a true story. My review is entirely about my experience with the movie and my criticism of the characterizations. As a movie it didn't work for me. Look at movies about WWII like Schindler's List and The Pianist. That's what this movie should have been like. The content of the story just isn't big enough to support the importance of the subject matter.The second half of the film was better, but not by much. It's ruined by the first half, anyway. The only thing I liked about it the beginning with the three men getting killed. A very tense moment. At the beginning of a movie you don't expect flushed out characters so it works there. And the car chase scene was done well. The rednecks were driving away with a black man they were going to beat up, but Dafoe says not to follow until the cop goes back inside. That scene was good because you were thinking "hurry up and go!!!" The movie so reminded me of a horror movie I expected the car not to start.

Michael Y (ca) wrote: Although the premise is interesting and loosely based on real events (the V1-V2 rocket programs at Peenemunde), it was made into an overly dramatic melodrama.

Kimberly W (es) wrote: I just got to rewatch this movie on the big screen and boy was it good! They did an amazing job with this movie!!! If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth watching at least once!

Jeff B (au) wrote: Some decent stuff. I particularly loved Groucho addressing the camera and taking a dig at the Hays Code. Also, the musical numbers were all pretty excellent, especially "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady." Plus, Harpo rides an ostrich.

John M (ag) wrote: A classic horror buildup and creep fest turns into a gorror, both of pretty high quality.