A 19-year-old is coming out of prison and trying to build a new life but he can't deal with his guilt.

Through his work at a morgue, an incarcerated young man trying to build a new life starts to come to terms with the crime he committed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Breathing torrent reviews

joe b (ca) wrote: as a fan of the series and most of the cast..I was not so impressed with this one..if you dont watch the series and are a sci-fi fan you will enjoy it more...

Ben S (ca) wrote: Interesting enough; nicely portrayed, but somehow failed to engage me...

Shawn M (au) wrote: As much as I love Michael Rosenbaum in 'Smallville' I couldn't watch more than a half-hour of this film. Their was no chemistry between the actors, the dialogue seemed forced, and it was nothing original. Sorry Lex.

TheRookieWriter M (nl) wrote: Why didn't they make this 2D? Garfield looks like shit. Odie is the wrong dog. Jon was a bigger tool than he was in the comics. Nermal's an adult cat. Liz is flat and boring. Villian was dumb, even by kids movie standards. You can feel the hate in Bill Murray when you watch this movie.

Destinee M (it) wrote: love this movie! Grew up watching this

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only full viewing - 9/24/2008)

Sam P (fr) wrote: "I suddenly realized what it was that killed Marilyn Monroe."

David A (br) wrote: Solid Rohmer - shot quasi-documentary style. As usual the middle aged characters come with an array of baggage, bitterness and back-story while the younger characters set about getting some - but life's not bad for all that.

Rhiannon P (au) wrote: Another movie about Andy Warhol. A pretty obvious, unshocking movie, despite it's "sexy uncut" promise.


Johnny L (kr) wrote: A film that literally runs on pace. One gets exhausted just from watching it.