Breathing Room

Breathing Room

Thrown naked into a desolate room with thirteen strangers, Tonya discovers that she is the final contestant in a deadly game. Restrained by lethal electronic collars, the players must utilize hints and tools from a box marked "pieces" to find both an exit and the reason for their abduction. One by one the players are eliminated as their "curfew" begins and the lights go out. With each dead body comes another clue, which they use to discover that one of them is the killer. The question is ... which one?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   poison,  

Thrown naked into a desolate room with thirteen strangers, Tonya discovers that she is the final contestant in a deadly game. Restrained by lethal electronic collars, the players must ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Breathing Room torrent reviews

Jenn T (kr) wrote: Really honest and fun story, really enjoyed it.

Timothy A (kr) wrote: Well executed but equally well-worn tale of cross-cultural and cross-class bonding.

Brittany R (gb) wrote: Ok here we go- let me just start by saying I gave creature features a try, and they really just aren't my thing. The coolest part of this movie was indeed the Dinoshark, but that's it, and only because of its awesome T-Rex -like head. You get bad acting (which I guess is customary to these movies?) and really bad effects. I think they're supposed to be this way, but I just wasn't digging it, so no offense to Roger Corman. I think I'll just stick with Jurassic Park. That Eric Balfour knows how to get himself into bad movies.

Alexander A (de) wrote: As a documentary it's ok, it works because the kids are so damn nice it's shocking that so much hate hangs over the town.

Elton G (mx) wrote: It expands on the titular hero, but thinly written villains and a very formulaic plot drag it down. It's sad to see such good actors not be able to achieve their potential for the sake of goofy lines and silly scenes.

Steve R (it) wrote: An overlong episode of a mediocre animated series. There are a few good moments but there's not enough to last over an hour.

David O (gb) wrote: Great movie, Jackie Chan returning to his route: comedy, action and good fighting. Unlike the hollywood piece of crap he takes part in.

Tayyab R (de) wrote: Verily a lot can happen in 24 hours, but some of the drama was too over the top just to give the plot solid meaning - something that even the 'darkness' of the film couldn't hide.

ken j (ca) wrote: Dead Meat is a shot on video very low budget zombie movie straight from ireland its actually pretty good in that b movie over the top kinda way and any zombie lover should check out, The story starts with a couple out on a drive when they accidently hit a man who dies but he comes back to life and bites the husband while the wife runs off later on she is attacked by more zombie like people and is saved by a local gravedigger leading the both of them to figure out whats going on turns out mad cow disease is to blame as it was spread from animal to human. Decent amounts of blood an gore should keep the zombie or horror movie lover interested

scott g (fr) wrote: reminded me a bit of the french new wave films of the 60s, 2 chinese men of diferent ages, find out there friend chan is missing, so they set off to track him down, sking various people wether they have anything. and what we get isnt a thriller of action, but a film that almost comes across documentery like in its aproach, and comments by people who knew chan, on how the chinese are treated and indeed in in america, there adopted country. a short film, of two men, learning and bickering, whilst they travel the city they live in searching for chan, a film to watch if you want 2 charactors having meaty conversations

Makisig H (it) wrote: A terrifying true tale of obsession, deceit and sexual addiction that explores sensuality in a manner that too much eroticism becomes sickening.

Malcolm L (nl) wrote: Good film good story. Models not bad

Jackie S (it) wrote: This was a good movie but the orginal is MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!

Daniel P (mx) wrote: Bit to predictable. Jennifer Aniston is looking hot ~ woooooo Rock N Roll!