A teenage loner pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.

A teenage loner pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshwar I (br) wrote: It is a testimony to a collective failure of humanity in the modern world especially considering the volume of massacre and the reach of Nazi Germany. At the same time, it is also a phenomenal display of hope and extraordinary courage through actions of certain individuals while staring down at an impending ruthless torture and certain death. Though the oppressions of Nazi rule against Jews is well documented (even though it is never enough), their brutality against Czhechs is never highlighted as it could have been. This movie intends to change that with a crash course on history engulfed around a thrilling main plot to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, the architect behind the Final Solution.Jan Kubis (Jamie Dornan) and Josef Gabck (Cillian Murphy) are sent by the Czech government-in-exile to assasinate Nazi Germany 3rd-in-command SS Officer Reinhard Heydrich, which is code named Operation Anthropoid. They take refuge in Moravec's residence, a family of Czech resistance sympathizers from where they do the recce of Heydrich's movements. While the local resistence group led by Uncle Hajsk (Toby Jones) and Ladislav Vank (Marcin Dorocinski) does support them even with their internal varying opinions about the impact and consequence, the day to execute the operation gets preponed due to an intel about recall of Heydrich back to Berlin. Are they ready to go through with the operation?A retelling of such a historically prominent story requires the right perspective, right tone and also should capture the emotions right to strike a chord with the audience. Anthropoid starts in the right direction with utmost sincerity but seems to have faltered somewhere in between that I can't quite place. Though featuring a large ensemble cast with only a few relatively known faces does help with its narrative to let the audience just see the characters. The production values and art direction are solid which brings the period to life with attention to detail and with a helping of setting up most scenes in the interiors. Instead of being a deviation, the romantic subplots acts as a window to the assassin's emotional state of mind. There are some moments which are not for everyone, especially the torture sequence of Ata, the 17 year old son of Mrs. Moravec which is gritty and impactful. While it is a solidly made historical action thriller, a critical view does bring forth some aspects which could have been better. The climax showdown shows the highly trained fully equipped German soldiers going down like ninepins when confronted by the Czech resistance with just their pistols and submachine guns. The entire narrative when looking at it in retrospect does pan out sentence by sentence from Wikipedia, a little non-linear approach in terms of script could have elevated it a bit. A standard Hollywood gimmick to establish hope before curtailing it comes to the fore when the escape route from the church to the sewers was discovered, or when Ladislav finalizes the coffins under which he plans to smuggle the refuges out of the church. These events possibly might not have happened and does stuck out like a sore thumb. But you never know, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. A well-crafted historical action thriller that brings forward a tragically prominent story with high emotional resonance.

Brad S (jp) wrote: An interesting history of the past 50 years of typography.

Laurie T (es) wrote: I love art heist films, but this is not one of the better examples of the genre. What it has going for it is pretty Ellen Pompano, who unfortunately is not a great actress, the cute little girl who plays her daughter, a lot of copies of El Greco paintings, Barcelona scenery, a flamenco dancing sequence. What it has going against it: a slow motorcycle chase, William Baldwin needing a good dose of styling mousse and seeming hapless, TWO bald candidates for lead villain, confused plot. Ms. Pompano's other love interest has better hair than Baldwin, but has a rather unconvincing role. A pretty spanish club girl is under utilized. The car chase is a little faster than the motorcycle chase, but it goes on too long. Heist movies are much better when they are comical and side with the criminals.

Shea L (br) wrote: One very funny movie! A funny plot helps to! It is set up for comedy!!!

Brad S (nl) wrote: - I have seen this a few times now. The film is predictable and heavy handed, but I really enjoy watching Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy in this, they are both outstanding and I love their chemistry.- Watching this one again for the first time in a long while, I couldn't help but be distracted by how heavy-handed and predictable it is. The film lays it on thick, but is ultimately save by the two lead performances of Tandy and Freeman. Not sure it is worthy of the Best Picture Oscar is received though. Check it out!

Craig C (ca) wrote: Canada's attempt to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon. Awful!

Eric H (mx) wrote: Sinclair Lewis story about how time affects a long-term marriage comes to the screen with still-relevant talk weighing the issues behind a union which doesn't have the same spark as before. Retired, wealthy American businessman and his wife finally take that trip to Europe they've been dreaming about--but, on the ship going over to England, the wife finds that men still find her desirable in a way that her older husband perhaps takes for granted. Worse, their daughter has just made them grandparents for the first time, something the Mrs. doesn't want to share with anyone for fear of being out of her league with the flirtatious men in her path. William Wyler directs with a knowing eye and ear, and leads Walter Huston (Oscar-nominated) and Ruth Chatterton click immediately with these (not always likable) characters. Huston racks his spirit trying to come up with ways of entertaining--and keeping a hold on--his selfish spouse, unable to reconcile the fact that maybe she's just a fixture in his life, no longer a great love. Excellent support from Mary Astor, an extremely young David Niven (as a shipboard gigolo), and Maria Ouspenskaya (also Oscar-nominated) adds to the immense pleasure of watching this classic drama. A knockout!

Kenneth L (us) wrote: Tawdery little murder comedy that wasn't really all that funny. Obsessive fidelity &/or keeping up the appearance of it strikes again. If you're married to a control freak get a devorce now before its too late.

Elena B (jp) wrote: Excellent movie of course.

Josh H (ag) wrote: 1 star because there was a tiger. And Van Damme owned it. Life of Pi prequel