Two friends decide to have fun one evening and what happened that night change their lives forever.

Two friends decide to have fun one evening and what happened that night change their lives forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bricktown torrent reviews

Nathan A (jp) wrote: An uncompromising look at one man's nightmarish true story.

Jason S (ca) wrote: cool documentary and answers a lot of questions.

Alexis V (it) wrote: Peu d'originalit. A voir pour les scnes de combat mme si elles ne sont pas extraordinaires.

Kenya P (kr) wrote: The film humanises this homeless community. Thy stylistic choice of using black and white was an excellent choice on the filmmaker's part because it adds a gritty element to the film.

Mo B (ca) wrote: Rating: 67%Though it's not with out its relentless stupidity and cheesiness, Spaceballs is a proudly self-aware spoof that deserves a little more than just one watch.

Bruce B (mx) wrote: A excellent WWII movie about the Battle of Anzio (Italy) showing the landing and the days leading up to the pushing back of the German troops. Robert Mitchum plays a war news paper reporter who no only brings back much needed intelligence but he is also responsible for the removal of a General who drops the ball and could have march troops all the way to Rome with little if any resistance. Excellent overall War Movie, just don't make them like this anymore. Peter Falk also plays an excellent part in this movie , No less then5 stars.

Ken T (es) wrote: A minor Ford classic with many Ford regulars getting beefier roles without the Duke or Henry Fonda leading the charge. Ben Johnson and Harry Carey Jr. play Travis and Sandy, two drifters helping out a group of Mormons to settle out in Utah in the fertile (?!) San Juan River area. Ward Bond is also along for the ride. Along the way, the group meet up with some lady folk and our young men may take a fancy to them. But also a gang of outlaws are out on the lam and join up with the group. Then there is always the "Indians" to worry about! Wagon Master is far more subtle than most Ford Westerns and paints a much more realistic portrait of the old West. The natives are not the savages so often portrayed at the time, but rather much more understanding and intelligent people. It is the interplay of the white people that cause any anger. Wagon Master is beautifully photographed and has been said to be one of Ford's favorite Westerns.