Bride of Re-Animator

Bride of Re-Animator

Herbert West once again revives the dead. This time, he brings Dan's ex-girlfriend's heart back inside a 'perfect' body. Dr. Hill returns as the evil nemesis who lost his head.

Doctors Herbert West and Dan Cain discover the secret to creating human life and proceed to create a perfect woman from dead tissue. And the bride is unleashed upon her mate in a climax of sensual horror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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LuisGeek G (mx) wrote: Genial!!! Vive la France!

Priti P (de) wrote: Being a sequence of 'Shootout At Lokhandwala', the movie expectantly caters to the tug-o-war between the police and Mumbai underworld and the elements of the underworld themselves. However, the prequel caters to the time period when Dawood was an already established underworld power figure, whereas the sequel depicts the era before the emergence of Dawood aka Dilawar as the power figure. It caters to the time period, when the Mumbai police actually started bending the rulebook (read encounters). It seems that not many facts or incidents are recorded of that time period, or maybe there was less drama in the lifestyle of a single person/gang, so the storyline comprises of the activities of different gangs and the whole movie is a flashback as a story exchange between the protagonist/criminal Manya Surve (John Abraham) and the ACP (Anil Kapoor) on their way to the hospital after the criminal had been mercilessly trapped and encountered but still could live enough to tell his tale.One interesting study you find is the contrast in the lifestyle of different ganglords. This is meaning to say that, they enjoyed almost the same kind of money, power and clout, but chose to live differently as per their lineage and/or preference. Mastans inspite of their age old clout preferred to stay and dress in their old ways, while the Haskars used to dress fashionably and drive swank cars. Common factor amongst them was respect for their religion and flashy gold accessories.Actingwise, all have done good job. But Manoj Bajpai, in his small role still stands out. So does Sonu Sood in his passive acting. John has given it all for this role - be it body building, appearing ferocious, being uninhibited with the heroine as well as the item girl, depicting silent emotional pain etc. Coming from John, being uninhibited is a big step, as usually he appears very cautious around his heroines. Anil Kapoor appears as an honest and driven cop, but due to his age and/or physique you find it rather unconvincing that in a dual he can overpower someone like John or even someone less muscular than John. Out of other two cops, you feel as doubtful for Mahesh Manjrekar but not Ronit Roy. Kangana has beautifully dressed as ladies of that era. In fact in the second half of the movie, she resembles a lot of Rekha and carries the diva look with aplomb. She has managed to act natural and this should be applauded. Like Sachin of yesteryears, Tusshar simply cannot look anything other than a 'decent and nice young boy'. Thus in spite of his hard work, considering him for a gangster role (Munir) seems rather questionable. Soni Razdan and Akbar Khan in their comeback roles appear just ok. It's refreshing to see Jackie Shroff in a powerful and short guest appearance. Looking at Anil and him in the same frame, for a second you are instantly reminded of 'Parinda'.There are three absolutely unnecessary item songs. Each of them must have costed the producers a bomb. So, maybe they have their purpose and a section of the audience may go to the theatres to justify that purpose.

Kathryn R (br) wrote: I'm not a horse person, but certainly enjoyed his story.

Laura W (jp) wrote: It's like power rangers dressed in spaghetti and meatballs, it's a weird one alright.

Amit D (it) wrote: Well, I must have seen this movie about 4 to 5 times and I must say that it is a brilliant movie. Direction and cinematography is excellent. The performances by Abhishek and Kareena are the best of the lot. Ajay and Rani are good too and Vivek and Esha are just about fine. Superb background score and music by A.R. Rahman. A must watch. My favourite moments include Abhishek killing his brother and then telling the politician for whom he works that all he needs is power, position and money. Kareena and Vivek's scenes are wonderful, especially their meeting at Cafe Coffee Day and their tram journeys together. Ajay Devgan is superb in the campaigning scene. Another awesome scene is when Rani lashes out at the ticket collector in the train.

bill s (us) wrote: Just a bad idea whose time never should have come....gross out Jackassish BS.

Jordan J (es) wrote: I enjoyed it . Why does this have a bad rating. It was good .

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Humourous exploration of geek culture. Probably helps to have at least a passing knowledge of Star Wars, Aliens, Romero's Dead series and, of course, Star Trek, but the script is plenty funny on it's own merits. Shatner sincerely (and intentionally) steals the show with a self-deprecating performance that had me howling throughout. A real charming little film.

meg r (ag) wrote: Caught this on cable and was completely absorbed in it.

Harreld D (it) wrote: A noble effort by Boorman, a solid performance by Arquette, and a fairly lush cinematography fills out the screen. Still, this film ultimately collapses under an overly formulaic teleology that privileges the message to the extent that the movie itself is lost.

Mike W (kr) wrote: Tom Selleck is a great baseball player in this film!

Tom G (fr) wrote: Interesting. Sort of film Herzog would make but not as good

Jussi M (jp) wrote: Miten tst tulikin mieleen Forrest Gump.

Vulcan S (mx) wrote: It doesn't follow the usual, coming-to-life structure which all problems are solved in the end. Although the situation around the characters may still remain unchanged, I get to see what kind of difference it can make with a slight change of heart with Hugh Grant's voice over and Nicholas Hoult's honest, charming performance.

Eliabeth M (au) wrote: Bronies era un termino totalmente forneo para mi hasta hace poco, y realmente tenia una imagen negativa sobre ello, sin saber mucho sobre la cultura y el efecto que tiene sobre las personas participes. Al ver este documental toda mi perspectiva cambi. Tambin hay que tener en cuenta que al ser un documental a favor de esto, no cabe ninguna opinin negativa que contrarreste, entonces puede terminar siendo unilateral. Bronies es un movimiento de fans de la comiquita My Little Pony, pero resulta que estos fans son nicamente personas del gnero masculino. Una de las cosas que ms me llam la atencin es cuando la creadora My Little Pony habla de porque a la gente le parecer extrao este movimiento, y invita a todos a preguntarse porqu? Y una de las razones ms lgicas, es que este show est dirigido a nias jvenes, y cuando a un hombre le gustan o le atraen esos temas lo hacen parecer dbil, sensible o afeminado, y esto no es aceptable para su gnero, lo que toca ya un tema aparte que tiene que ver con la misoginia. Una de mis escenas favoritas es cuando Lyle va a la convencin con sus padres, y su pap que es un hombre tradicional, tiene la oportunidad de relacionarse con otro padre acerca de el gusto cuestionable de su hijo y al parecer hay una intencin de tratar de aceptar esa faceta de su hijo. Este es un documental interesante y logra cuestionarse bastantes mitos y por lo que pude ver, este grupo de personas tiene intenciones inocentes, y si realmente este show les alegra la vida y los hace sentir mejor, quines somos nosotros para juzgar?

John C (mx) wrote: The overly used cliches and plot twists make for an extremely bland and boring thriller that has absolutely no replay value.

Kirk B (au) wrote: Good movie with a compelling story. Very well acted and directed as well. Worth watching.