Bride of the Monster

Bride of the Monster

Dr. Varnoff captures twelve men for his experiment: to turn them into supermen using atomic energy. Newspaperwoman Lawton gets too snoopy for her own good.

An mad doctor attempts to create atomic supermen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bailey H (kr) wrote: Overall: If I could I would give this movie a 4.5/5 stars but I guess that's not possible. There was so much depth to this film. I was in shock that most people said they did not like it. Please do not let the reviews convince you not to see it--the thing is, I think this is just one of those movies where some people will take away nothing from it because they couldn't connect with it, or somebody will remember it for a very long time because they really related to the theme or characters. I would give the characters and the acting a 5/5 stars. Every character was complex and convincing, none of them were just boring extra additions to the cast. All of the characters had their own unique struggles and conflicts, yet they were all somehow connected in the end. I would also give the plot a 5/5 stars. It may seem somewhat predictable at first, but even if you do guess what will happen, it still shocks you and is set up very well. Also, the ending has a huge twist, so even if you are great at telling what's coming next in a movie, several aspects of the plot will still leave you thinking after the move is over. This is one of my favorite things about the film--you don't find the answers to all of your questions. You really have to think, interpret, and read in-between the clues and lines to understand the film. The only thing I would maybe give a 4/5 on is how some of the stories were mixed together. If you haven't already heard, the movie focuses on 3 different stories and how they are all connected. Most of the time I was actually very pleased with how the stories mixed because some films mix very poorly. My only complaint with the story mixing would be that there was a bunch of information explained in 2 of the 3 stories, but in the 3rd, I would have liked to learn a little bit more so I could possibly connect with the character a little bit better. Anyway, some other great things about this film were the themes and the script. There are several different things you could take away from this movie. Each character learns their own lesson, so there isn't one big theme, but a few small ones that all blend. The script is MAGICAL-so many quotes that I repeat to myself to this day. It leaves you in wonderment without being cheesy, and it is just simply beautiful. --- Once again, don't judge this film based on what others say or what you see in the trailer. Believe me, the movie has many twists and turns that people are forgetting to mention! Please watch it.

007 W (jp) wrote: Tango is such a good movie, it's one of my favorite kids movies of all time

La Nanys D (mx) wrote: this movie is pretty good

John R (fr) wrote: 151203: What a strange film. A mother and two boys struggle to stay sane during the father's long tour of duty in Irag. They call upon a unique uncle to assist. He, perhaps, becomes their saving grace. Supposed to be a comedy but I just don't get much of the humour; or it doesn't touch me as such. Other than a bunch of hot MILF characters, Kudrow's right up there, weak all around. Sadly, to the garage sale pile.

Erwin M (jp) wrote: Como Kusturica lo sabe hacer, surreal y divertido con excelente msica como siempre.

Mysteri M (it) wrote: I've only seen bits and pieces but I still love it! I can't wait until I see the rest. (And yes I know it's on Youtube...) I hope everyone else out there loves as much as I do.

Philip E (jp) wrote: Good movie strange but enjoyed it

Guye J (us) wrote: This is a classic 1998 film! I remember disliking this movie when this movie came out but now seeing it again with a full understanding, I really like it now. Bokeem Woodine is one my favorite actors! He was funny and gangsta at the sametime. Great sex scene with Cynda Williams. Snoop Dogg had a really small part in this movie. Ironically, he played Little Kitty Kat knowing his rap name is Snoop Doggy Dog! I forgot Tony Todd (from the horror movie Candy Man) was in this movie. My man Clitton Powell is a great actor! LL Cool J rocking the FUBU cap in this movie before he bulked up. I guess Basil Wallace that played "Screwface" so well in the movie "Mark For Death" that Darin wanted Basil to play that character again as Ahmad! Great job by director Darin Scott!

Marian G (kr) wrote: I liked it when I saw it, many yeard ago...

Scott R (ca) wrote: A thrilling, provocative courtroom drama with truly remarkable performances.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: This isn't funny, Vince Vaughn is so bland and empty when trying to be funny

Jonathan A (au) wrote: Originally I hated this film, but now I kinda like it mostly due to the great stunts, impressive visual-effects and another bizarre performance from the ever-reliable bad-movie savior known only as Nicolas Cage.