Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary

A chaotic Bridget Jones meets a snobbish lawyer, and he soon enters her world of imperfections.

A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yanita N (kr) wrote: Expected more...wanted more from the story.

Sarah W (gb) wrote: Really good!!! The artwork is also really good ^^

Rachael F (jp) wrote: This looks like a very good movie

Brandon S (it) wrote: I wanted to like Freeze Me so bad from the very beginning I had no idea what the film was about and when it became apparent that it was a rape revenge film I was stoked, too bad it is all wasted. A woman is living a good life with a good job and a boyfriend when out of no where her past comes back to haunt her. That past is in the form of three men that gangraped her five years previous and now they are coming back one by one to continue to torment her. Only now it's time for payback and time to buy more freezers for the bodies? As mentioned before the aspects that drag this movie down are one the actress, she never seems to try to stop anything very hard and the whole keeping the bodies thing WTF!

Branham N (au) wrote: It lacks ambition but works very well with what it does have and that is Kevin Bacon.

Dawn C (de) wrote: i wanted to clap afterward.

Dsire S (ag) wrote: Has a few funny scenes, but mostly bland and boring.

John M (ru) wrote: They don't make movies like this anymore - movies that are astoundingly visual but take real risks in whether or not those visuals will stick with you or resonate. Astounding.

Gianluca C (es) wrote: Dancing along with the film and Bee gees lol!

Tom S (de) wrote: With its issues of torture and cultural conflict ("It's not torture, it's interrogation"), it's never been more relevant.

Manolo P (de) wrote: When a project is demanding, it manages to overcome the problems that arise from its years of filming and of which it never gives up, obtaining a fascinating and vibrant result, and it is only up to us to applaud and let our thoughts go. Captivating, the story of an average child and what he goes through with his aparently normal family is hauntingly tender and revealing. Without using any extraordinary resources or extravagant events, as is the custom of the indie style of the last decade, this movie relates a series of events about the transition from childhood to adolescence of a boy, abandoning "the normal" I previously mentioned and passing along several circumstances that are determinant in his life and many of which are reflected as part of the experiences we have directly lived. Although the film is long, it is never uncomfortable or boring, in fact it is quite catchy and allows the audience to find many matching points, sympathizing with the characters, who are incredibly original from beginning to end. The argument is divided by stages, by important memories, and each scene flows without needing to be explained what is happening; They are events that function as if they were inside someone's narrative mind, chronicling themselves without anything else. The nature of this drama is exciting, charming and leaves a good trail of thoughts of what is the journey of life, with its good and bad things, forming a project that is concretely and elegantly positioned as a great big message of what is this bit of moments that we can usually forget. 84/100

Jieranai M (es) wrote: Very, Very sad but inspiring movie. I am glad I saw it. <3