Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Brighty of the Grand Canyon


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Brighty of the Grand Canyon torrent reviews

Bronwyn V (au) wrote: Usually love Diane Keaton in anything but this is probably her worst one, no chemistry with Michael Douglas at all, boring story

Al H (it) wrote: A tribute to the work of the special effects Titan.

Mel Z (mx) wrote: Far better than expected, it's definately up there as one of the best fight films. The plot is a bit thin, but what makes this work is the fight scenes, especially the finale fight. Awesome soundtrack too.

Guilherme J (it) wrote: "Pelo jeito que falam mal do filme, foi uma pessima adaptacao do otimo livro homonimo escrito por Ted Dekker". [...]. E de fato, foi.

Jules M (us) wrote: This film was poorly thought out and poorly executed, but isn't completely unpleasant. Still, I wouldn't recommend it.It is perhaps most most notable for featuring Jason Jones, although his character gets killed early.

Liam P (de) wrote: A literary adaptation unlike any other. Fassbinders wonderful film is fully self aware of it's source text and a films ability to only physically show so much but say all. Action and plot progression is glazed over with voice over or titles cards with words I can only assume are taken directly from the novel. The focus here is not on plot but character development, how the title character goes from an innocent, carefree child to a fallen woman.Fassbinder's camera probes Effi's development by extensively framing her using carefully selected objects amongst the impeccably realised period set design. Shrouded by net curtains or extensively reflected in mirrors, (about a third of the shots we see of Effi are through the reflection of a mirror) the black and white photography is full of subtle yet rich subtext.This film is so visually dense, a book could be writen about the cinematography alone.Another Fassbinder masterpiece.

Tero H (ca) wrote: Part three in the so-called 'Karnstein trilogy' by Hammer Studios has a lame story which is not really supported by either Peter Cushing or the Collinson twins. The film has a superficiality to it which can't be remedied by the vampires in the film either. In many ways this is the poorest of all the three 'girl vampire' movies from the 70's by The Hammer Studios. The film begins in an interesting manner, the witch hunt theme and the twins appearing to a remote village where people fear of the vampires might actually develop into a decent film. However, the problem is emphasising the wrong things and repeating itself. Instead of dark, deep waters, the director want to show these kind looking young girls with bare bosoms. Instead of silence of the dark world of the vampires, Nosferatu-kind (or even Christopher Lee in Prince of Darkness -kind, or the kind one sees in 'Interview with the Vampire'), they concentrate on the human-like society gentleman who is full himself -kind of vampire with fake fangs. The only one of the Karnstein trilogy worth watching for vampire fans is the first film, 'The Vampire Lovers'. One might also get something out of the follow up movie, Lust for a Vampire, but it is not a good film and I for one don't need to see it again. This one was pretty bad and I wouldn't wanna watch it ever again..

Cole W (ru) wrote: Though the first act is a bit slow, the rest is pretty creepy and it does a good job at building the anxiety and then bursting in the final scene.

Antonio A (fr) wrote: One of the best sci-fi movies ever.

Wade H (au) wrote: Crowe's performance breathes life into the overall basic plot elements. The effects were passable for the time and the direction is at least standard. So, pretty much a fun no-brains scifi flick.