Brilliant Mistakes

Brilliant Mistakes

Marcus Wright (Daniel Dambroff) is in love with Gabby (Elise McNamara). A devastating accident nearly kills her and renders her in a vegetative state. She can no longer walk or talk. Marcus is determined to make good on his promise to marry her. He is not only challenged by this unfortunate event but is made to jump many unexpected hurdles, including fending off Gabby's mother Sandra (Aria Mckenna), who clings to Marcus and takes her relationship with him beyond both of their boundaries. Marcus then meets Elliot Thurston (Christopher Clawson), a published author who wrote the novel "Brilliant Mistakes," a story about the author's personal regret. Marcus is a big fan of Elliot's positive energy and subsequently his writing, and a bond of common loss, dreams and goals ties them together. While Elliot brings color and life to Marcus' seemingly uncertain future, something is wrong and Marcus'trust in others is yet again weakened.

Marcus Wright (Daniel Dambroff) is in love with Gabby (Elise McNamara). A devastating accident nearly kills her and renders her in a vegetative state. She can no longer walk or talk. Marcus... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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