Bring It on Again

Bring It on Again

When new students can't get onto their college cheerleading team, they form their own squad and prepare for a cheer off.

College freshman Whittier and her friend Monica make the Cal State cheerleading squad, but can't stand its snobbish leader, Tina. They thenĀ form their own squad and prepare for a cheer off. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (mx) wrote: A very compelling, interesting drama. Hurt propels the movie forward. It could otherwise have been a fairly prosaic and uninteresting piece.

Giorgos T (ca) wrote: Visually beautiful, but nothing more.

Tim S (nl) wrote: Well, sometimes you get a movie that sounds pretty cheesy, you see it, and you realize that you were completely right. This movie really doesn't do anything well. The acting is really subpar, the story is pretty ludicrous, and there are more than a few parts that made me wince. But surprisingly I don't think I can give it lower than a 2. I was able to finish it. I think I need to actively start to despise a movie for it to sink lower than that and for some reason I did kinda wanna see this one through. Rarely will you see a movie made with such "boldness??" to have a stellar shuttle mission with NO attempt made to simulate 0 gravity. Kind of laughable. Maybe worth the dollar I spent on it at Redbox.

Vitor A (jp) wrote: Really not my style... Rabbits is a "one set" / "one camera" short feature, with absolutely no interest whatsoever. In my humble opinion, this is not cinema.

David M (mx) wrote: Pierce Brosnan's last film from the 90s Bond era that will forever be James Bond for me. This movie won't go down in 007 history as anything spectacular and it takes a while for the ball to start rolling, but once it does it has some impressive action scenes. It has everything you'd expect from a blockbuster action Bond movie - amazing locations, cringe worthy lines, the latest tech (for that era anyway) - but for all its over-the-top-ness, it's quite lifeless.

Brandon S (jp) wrote: The conversational nature of Richard Linklater's writing lends itself so breathlessly to a love story, and what a perfect love story this is. "Before Sunrise" is at times a tragedy, but often times a celebration. This is a celebration of new love; the happiness and the mystery of getting to know someone thoroughly and truly.

Robert H (it) wrote: It's probably been almost 20 years since I first/last saw IMMORTAL BELOVED on VHS, but it made enough of an impression on me to have remembered it all these years. As a pianist and classical music lover, it should come as no surprise that Beethoven is one of my favorite composers, having written some of the greatest works in the repertoire. Ergo, this film, which combines two of my great interests (history and music), is one of my favorites. By no means is it perfect or, to be honest, historically accurate (the film's central conceit mostly), but it paints an interesting portrait of a tortured artist. The premise behind the film, faulty though it may be, is that Beethoven, upon his death, left his entire estate to an "Immortal Beloved," and Schindler, his secretary, spends the bulk of the film going around to find out who this mysterious person is. Thus, Beethoven's story is told in flashbacks by people who knew him, not unlike the similarly themed AMADEUS (although this film is decidedly less comical). As such, we only get fragmentary glimpses into who Beethoven was a person. However, Gary Oldman makes up for this narrative/structural issue by giving a very humanistic portrayal of someone, who by many accounts, was very difficult to get along with. And by the end of the film, with the central question (sort of) answered, we have reached a deeper understanding of what drove and motivated him, regardless of the historical accuracy of what we have seen. From a technical perspective, Bernard Rose put together a film that is beautiful to behold, with exquisite period detail and cinematography. The score is composed entirely of Beethoven music, and I thought that his more well-known pieces were put to good use in various scenes. In particular, his Pathetique Sonata and Choral Symphony were quite moving in the context of the film. Finally, everyone in the cast gave excellent performances, but especially Gary Oldman, who disappeared into his role like he always does. His vocal delivery did have shades of Count Dracula (at least in terms of register), but it really wasn't too much of an issue. Ultimately, IMMORTAL BELOVED is a sumptuous period drama which, although playing with the facts, provides some keen insights into artistry and the passions that compel us.

Michael W (au) wrote: I was surprised how enjoyable a watch this was. It is very slow, very tedious, and very long. But somehow Tarr immerses the viewer in a world of the poor and struggling and shady dealings that can be captivating and at times quite funny.

Jasn M (ca) wrote: Natalie Wood.... damn.

Ilsa L (de) wrote: A beautifully filmed movie about the nature of love and friendship with excellent performances from the whole cast.

John B (kr) wrote: What Ford and Spielberg have discovered is that you can take any slice of Lincoln's life and put together a very entertaining film. It makes a film exploring his entire life ultimately lacking. Fonda does an admirable job of exploring areas of character development in young Abe.

Jeffrey K (ru) wrote: Beautifully shot, and well acted, but not terribly memorable

Tyler V (ru) wrote: It's so bad it's good. I'm not even kidding. Still holds my record for worst movie ever.