Britney: For the Record

Britney: For the Record

An introspective documentary which chronicles pop music queen Britney Spears' return to the spotlight after her much-publicized professional and personal struggles. Honest, raw and revealing, the one-hour special shares some of Spears' most intimate moments in the span of 60 days, and gives fans an inside look at Britney in the recording studio and on set filming the music videos for one of music's most triumphant comebacks.

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Tim G (de) wrote: Kinda funny....actually, QUITE funny. But didnt make much sense. lol :-P

Joseph V (it) wrote: I remember when this was called Grave Encounters... and was good.

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Matt C (de) wrote: Ultimately pointless, as despite being technically a good film it has very little to say. It's frighteningly realistic but then you reach the end and wonder did you really want to have just spent over an hour of your life basically watching a family have their house broken into and proceeded to be beaten and raped? No, not really.

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Mithun G (jp) wrote: Extremely powerful and shocking.

Brett E (kr) wrote: The first half is a lot better than the second half. At hour 2, it loses its steam and the comedy isn't as effective. All of the acting is great (finally- Renee Zellweger in something she was meant to play, not something which made me want to kill her) and the 1920s look is perfect. I just wish they edited it to have a great 90 minute movie, not an inconsistent 120 minute one!

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Larry Y (es) wrote: adding based on Joe Bob Briggs recommendation

Jenna I (br) wrote: This movie has a couple of great sections but sadly they're too disjointed to carry the whole movie. I also don't think it does a good job of embodying his music... which maybe wasn't the point, but I felt like it would have worked hand in hand.

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Matt B (au) wrote: first two were good and this was the best one. not to mention alot of thought was put into the script. the rest of the franchise lost grasp of cleverly adding in the Shakespearean elements from Romeo and Juliet. that is why this one was a hit not so much with critics but audiences responded because it was a great story with a moderate budget. a film at this level doesn't need a 100 million dollar budget. and this first film understood that with a great cast and slick storyline special effects aren't necessary.

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