Broken Embraces

Broken Embraces

Harry Caine, a blind writer, reaches this moment in time when he has to heal his wounds from 14 years back. He was then still known by his real name, Mateo Blanco, and directing his last movie.

Harry Caine, a blind writer, reaches this moment in time when he has to heal his wounds from 14 years back. He was then still known by his real name, Mateo Blanco, and directing his last movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew M (ag) wrote: Pointless and Boring as fuck !!!!!!

Devon W (kr) wrote: A great start that goes from intense and horrifying to yet another ridiculous anime style story.

laura b (it) wrote: Two very good actors, who work really well together. For a change their doing a more serious than comedy film. It does have funny bit's in it but i wouldn't really class it as a comedy more as a drama. It has a good back story about how a best friend see's his best friends wife kissing another person, and then tries to deal with weather he should tell his best friend who is currently really struggling with work weather to tell him his wife is having an affair and stress him out more, or leave it and have to keep it to himself for so long, or wait until he finds out himself and possibly know that his best friend might find out his best friend knew all along and never told him. A really good story line that I'm sure a lot of people have gone through the same situation. They did a good job with getting comedy actors to do it so that it puts like a humorous twist to it so it's not all drama drama drama.

Stefan S (au) wrote: Ich sollte lernen, Filme auch mal mittendrin aufzuhren, wenn sie mir nicht gefallen.

John C (nl) wrote: I would have liked it more if it was a real wolf, not a "super human" insane man.

Noname (fr) wrote: Great western drama with 2 great actors P. Brosnan and Liam Neeson. Not any big gun fights but the movie are never boring in my opinion. Story is about a man that are chased by some men through the whole movie for revenge. Nice landscapes and the movie starts of really with excitement so i can warmly recommend this movie.

Elliot W (de) wrote: I bought this just for Misty. if you can get it cheap. go for it.

Jason G (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this one better than Slaugherhouse Five and it certainly beats out Breakfast of Champions as the best Vonnegut adaptation. Great lead performance from the always reliable Notle and great support from Alan Arkin and John Goodman. As the synopsis says: tragic goofiness that explores the mesh of fact and fiction and how we truly are what we pretend to be. As Vonnegut states: "It isn't a great moral but it is still the moral."

Matt F (mx) wrote: Same ol' character Cage has played before. I love the guy, but he's barely a 2-note player. Watch Matstick Men instead.

vera T (it) wrote: I really like this movie when i first seen it i think i cried on some parts lol

Robert H (mx) wrote: Pulse gets maybe a couple decent scenes of tension or scares. While a remake, it doesn't quite have the same impact as the original. The film isn't creepy on the whole and it's not at all thrilling. The premise is a good one that could have made for some amazingly spooky ideas, concepts, film, but doesn't translate into anything more than yet another apocalyptic PG-13 snorefest that sounds better in concept than execution.

paul s (kr) wrote: Adoration is a film written and directed by Atom Egoyan, which of course means that conventional story telling is not in the forcast. Primarily dealing with a high school student, his French (and drama) teacher, his uncle and his grandfather, the film delves into several topics, including race discrimination, religion and religious discrimination, and terrorism. With Egoyan you get a plot line that likes to double back on itself, showing the interconnectivity of people and their reactions. This often makes for a disjointed narrative, and in the case of this film, gives a very surreal tone, as if the time and place of the story are inconsequential - so the foundation on which most films are built is, in this case, a bed of quicksand, shifting in time and for me, never quite giving a feel for where in the world this story was taking place (which, given its subplots, should matter a great deal). Adding further to the surreal tone, and putting distance between the film and the viewer are some incongruities involving money. The uncle and his ward, the student, are suffering some financial difficulties, and yet the student has tons of expensive toys in his room (computers, cameras, electric guitar and amp, etc). Along the same lines, the teacher at some point loses her job, and yet is throwing cash around like she has some kind of trust fund. All of which gives the viewer the feeling that the director was saddled with a script that should have been thought through a bit more - but since Egoyan wrote the script himself, he only has himself to blame for the cardboard feel of the characters and the clumsy introductions to obvious set pieces (where with a good script and direction, these things become seamless). There are some inventive touches on display here, specifically the partial telling of the story through the student's video camera, and the use of an internet chat room to give Egoyan the opportunity to riff about terrorism and the net itself. I found it interesting that Egoyan had the more impassioned dialogue coming from the chat room where people were venting their feelings concerning an abstract topic - as if the caring about theoretical topics was more real than what was going on outside in the real world. I wanted to feel a certain pity for the student's uncle, who ended up being the student's ward, but the acting was very uneven and the script had so many set pieces that weren't fully realized that the only time I really felt for him was when some snooty woman commented that he was "only a tow truck driver"; as if his occupation defined who he was as a person. I also wanted to feel something towards the student, but again, the story line kept getting in the way, as if Egoyan had so many plates spinning on all these varied topics that the characters, instead of being breathing beings were reduced to mouthpieces for the topics, leaving the last third of the film, where truths are revealed and where emotion was supposed to run high, feeling flat and somewhat trite. The final shot, concerning the scroll of a violin was supposed to hold some great emotional weight, but seemed simply a contrivance. Further, the film holds a twist of sorts, (more of a surprise revelation), which was presented as meekly as the supporting argument for the twist's plausibility. I admire the writer/director attempting to say something relevent and attempting to say it in a non-formula way, but the end result is that the film fails for those same reasons.

Jon H (br) wrote: This was the only Belushi film I hadn't seen and therefore the one I wanted to start my Belushi month with (watching all his flicks this month). It's quite a departure from his usual knockabout fare and shows more depth of performance. The film sets up a Spencer/Hepburn style romantic comedy and is enjoyable though a little stilted in places. Belushi had a lot more potential.

Max N (de) wrote: Solo puedo culpar al pobre subititulaje, que no permite disfrutar integramente de los dialogos. El enfoque de esta narracion historico costumbrista es bastante criptico y deja bastante que pensar, pese a la simpleza del argumento. La exquisitez de la puesta en escena sobrecoge a la vista, gracias a unos encuandres alucinantes que juegan con los espejos y los marcos de las puertas para provocar alienacion y encierro. La camara, en riguroso blanco y negro, se mueve de tal manera que cuenta la historia por si sola. Sobresaliente uso de la elipse. Sobran palabras, otra perfecta entrega de Fassbinder. Un deber.

Phil D (fr) wrote: Hande Hoch! One of the better documentary-esque war films.

Min K (es) wrote: An amazing achievement in film. Wellman's vision makes for a captivating and immersive interaction with The Great War. While there are certainly some dated moments, most of the film remains engaging and emotionally resonant today. The aerial stunts, battle scenes and visual sequences are truly beautiful. The actors do a great job in their parts (how can you not love Clara Bow?), but the true stars here are the unmatched footage that still makes you wonder "How'd they do that?"

Elena S (ag) wrote: well, it is funny and creative Martin Lawrence always did so much trouble ha ha ha

NoPants R (gb) wrote: Think of this one as a bit of a pre-Amityville Horror. The characters do a pretty decent job of playing their roles and setting the tone for the things that go on in this house they have taken charge of. It isn't the fastest movie, but it's got that thing that the 70s were able to do with natural creepy effects.