Broken Rainbow

Broken Rainbow

Documentary chronicling the government relocation of 10,000 Navajo Indians in Arizona.

Documentary chronicling the government relocation of 10,000 Navajo Indians in Arizona. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liy D (ag) wrote: After a while the humor wears off but b that time I was most of the way in. Itwas in no way a good movie or well acted, but as action film spoofs go I enjoyed it.

Ahmed O (au) wrote: Great work , Thank You and Congrats . I wish you all the best

Victor M (ca) wrote: A well timed film about Russian mafia and its uses, with the usual quota of violence from David Cronenberg

Heather M (it) wrote: I will probably pass on this one.

Amanda R (it) wrote: great bittersweet film,excellent period detail,but somewhat abrupt ending. love it and never tire of watching it

Katherine T (ca) wrote: omg sometimes i thought crispin glover's character was gonna rape the body lol but i'm glad i was wrong.

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: It was very cute. Kiera Knightly was wonderful, as always, though she is quite young here...a mere 15. A decently made film. Not oscar worthy, but nice to watch.

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Martin R (mx) wrote: [10/24/14]: I've just finished watching "From Beyond", the movie that I've recently acquired. And, well, I'm a bit disappointed. But not much. I mean, I was expecting a genuine gusher. A gorific, disgusting work of cinema that could only be rivaled by "Dead Alive." Unfortunately, "Dead Alive" sets a standard that can't be matched (or at least, it seems that way). I mean, here's what I just learned: expecting ANY horror film to compete with "Dead Alive" can ONLY result in something less satisfying, maybe not much less, but it's still less. "From Beyond" has more in common with John Carpenter's "The Thing" [and they're from the same decade too]. I have to be honest, though, the main similarity is the shift in forms that the [villainous] creatures take, and "From Beyond" showcases monster effects that are, almost undoubtedly, more visually delicious. The plot starts out strong--two scientists are working on this reactor that, when activated, expands the pineal gland in the brain, thus, allowing the subjects to become aware of the 'beyond' around us and the creatures that exist within our world--but it starts to lose relevance as the film reaches its half-time for whatever reason. The author of the story that the movie is based on was brilliant and that genius is seen in the film, though not to the extent of "Re-Animator," but the script might be at fault in that regard. Still, the premise of "From Beyond" remains far stronger than the constant "let's just explain everything with demonic possession because audiences are too scientifically illiterate [or just plain stupid] to comprehend anything else" plot device that Hollywood has become a slave to. Of course, I'll be fair and add that H.P Lovecraft, who wrote the story in 1932, was simply beyond (ha, I made a pun) his time, and it's not fair to expect horror movies to be so 'technical.' The visual aspect is one that remains unbeaten, like, what the hell happened?? Seriously, why aren't we seeing this level of effects anymore?!?!? Damn me for not being alive in the 80s...I was expecting to go to Gore 405, but I must have taken a wrong turn (pun, again), and I found Eye-Candy 399 instead. Close enough.

Francisco L (es) wrote: Bean provides a lot of laughs and Rowan Atkinson is more comic than ever, however the script is horrible, and the cliches aren't subtle as the narrative is predictable.

L H (ag) wrote: I should have read the reviews here before I bought the movie on cable! I got lost in the utter boredom and confusion in this film, and it is a total waste of anyone's time. Ok, I tried again. This film is intolerable.

Guido S (ca) wrote: A crappy mixup of Gremlins and Toy Story from the guy who brought us Gremlins. Isn't equal to the sum of its individual influences and instead just feels like a retread with an attempted satire on the military and testosterone laden figures for kids.