Broken Roads

Broken Roads

Broken Roads is a contrasted portrait of life, dealing with loss, a journey of rediscovery & the hills climbed which forever change us.

Broken Roads is a contrasted portrait of life, dealing with loss, a journey of rediscovery & the hills climbed which forever change us. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Federico E (de) wrote: if anything, this film moved me and made this metalhead more than just nostalgic! :D

Gwenal M (ru) wrote: a realistic, well acted film with beautiful footage

Luke W (br) wrote: Isn't even worth a free coupon. I didn't hate it (it benefits from great actors), but the film is mercilessly predictable.

Samra M (ag) wrote: Novel concept ... a strictly ok movie ... ! Primarily because the writing is very poor ... The protagnist is all over the place ... and is not someone you feel sorry for at all ... !!! The lead has lame role ... and no reason to like the protagnist .. .! The EX did only one thing right ... breaking up with her and choosing the other chick ... dunno why he was shown like a bubbling idiot wanting to come back in the end ... Oh ya ... and the gal-pals ... were just painful and hapless ... !!

shishir a (kr) wrote: one of the best movi ive seen.

Bloodmarsh K (us) wrote: Trite is an understatement. At least Woody Allen avoided it.

Richard M (de) wrote: I have never seen a film this bad i judge all bad films by it. to this day i swear it is not a real movie but a dream I FUCKING HATE THIS MOVIE "city of masks" wtf?

Alec B (ca) wrote: You'd think that a movie about nerds, by nerds would attempt to be more realistic in it's depiction of the lifestyle of 30 year old men who collect action figures and comics but it isn't. They didn't even try to pick guys who looked the parts. There is some funny stuff (basically anything with Shatner) but the movie is kinda dull otherwise.

Paul J (us) wrote: The opening ten minutes is insanely gory and then the film becomes excruciatingly boring afterward. Obviously this is a poor rip-off of Alien (although interesting to note, this film predated Aliens and Cameron's film uses some of the same gimmicks.) The climactic Mars creature looks like something that would pop up later in the hugely successful game franchise Super Metroid. Ultimately though, the only reason this film is remembered (and was banned) is because of the gruesome opening. That and perhaps the exploding rat.

Darren H (fr) wrote: It's Planet of the Apes ... without the apes.

Paul C (ag) wrote: The highlight of the 'Road' series of films with the peerless double act of Hope and Crosby at their wise-cracking best. Even the songs are pretty damn good.

Armando P (ru) wrote: Cult movie from thee 80's. Talented actors giving a breathless performance.

David A (gb) wrote: Atmospheric, sure, but damn, this "horror" wannabe was absolutely dreadful and dull. The main protagonist... No, the "actor" looked like he was bored filming the entire movie. He only had one expression throughout. Was he eye candy or something? Where was the scares? I seen this exorcism bullshit many times, can Hollywood be any more original? Probably not.

Cesar Q (gb) wrote: It's the "New Years eve" or "Valentine day" type of movie for Christmas family get together. what a waste of time