Broken Silence

Broken Silence

Winter, 1944. Lucía at 21 returns to her small village in the mountains. She again meets Manuel, a young iron-smith who helps "those in the mountain", the "maquis", the anti-Franco resistance. Lucía is attracted to Manual, because of his smile and the bravery of those men who continue fighting for their ideas, even at the cost of their own lives. When Manuel is pursued (by Franco's Civil Guard) he flees to the mountain and Lucía discovers the reality of political repression, the silence, the horror and fear.

Winter, 1944. Lucía at 21 returns to her small village in the mountains. She again meets Manuel, a young iron-smith who helps "those in the mountain", the "maquis", the anti-Franco ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth D (ca) wrote: An incredibly well put together look at the US war on drugs and how ridiculous it is. Great spots from real life drug kingpings + anti drug war advocates. A must watch for documentary fans.

Jonathan A (kr) wrote: A yawn-fest. Great opening scene though.

Doug B (es) wrote: Reminds me of some pathologies I had once and may still harbor. Mildly entertaining

Aarias D (ag) wrote: The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition adds more in terms of lore for Middle-Eath fans, but all around it's still set-up.

Michael T (kr) wrote: A notch above the usual gay-themed film.

Benny G (ag) wrote: I thought it's very sci-fi. This movie was about insect. ant?? i dunno but it's really funny. sometimes I fear it...It's very exciting and not clean. Lol!

Greg W (it) wrote: well done drama though they 'borrow' from the master almondovar.

Zahid C (mx) wrote: Day: MondayDate: 23 Feb 2004Time: 10.00pmWith: Dad, Azeem, MomOn: CableName: PLAN

Alexander C (mx) wrote: my thoughts exactly!

Scott A (nl) wrote: Not a bad movie, especially if you like the humor of Tim Allen. You really know everything that will happen in this movie before it even starts, but Allen and Alley have great chemistry and it's pretty harmless.It's two hours but you kind of wish it was longer to see them and how they change the Amish community they are hiding in.Supporting cast is quite good, especially Larry Miller and Miguel Nunez Jr. as the guys chasing them.

Timothy P (ca) wrote: Despite featuring a bland plot and more bland Rosie O'Donnell, there were enough laughs to make it watchable.

Juli R (mx) wrote: As many others have said, Warren Beatty steals the show with his comments about Madonna "not wanting to live off camera". Love her or hate her, this is still an interesting look inside Madonna's life.

Alex r (es) wrote: After the decent remake of Godzilla, the series is going back to its old ways by putting Godzilla against stupid foes. In this one, Godzilla is battling a radioactive plant monster. I really didn't care about this one and I felt that it lacked significantly in terms of good story and entertainment value. Some may view this as a guilty pleasure. Die Hard fans may enjoy this, but common filmgoers will surely not like this. I felt that the film could have used a rewrite and the filmmakers could have put a bit more effort into tryi9ng to create a better film. As it stands this is a mediocre film that doesn't stand out. Watch it if you love the films, but be warned that the film suffers from a pointless plot, a mediocre script that is underdeveloped and a cast that just doesn't cut it. The film is forgettable in the long run and it is dull and boring. Watch if love monster films, but don't expect anything great.

Sidney Magno N (jp) wrote: Duas estrelas apenas para os 20 minutos finais do filme.... Desnecessrios 40 minutos de flashbacks... mostrou todas as mortes do primeiro, mais algumas gastaes... Mas a risada do Ricky s perde para a do Chucky, do Brinquedo Assassino

Porto S (us) wrote: ikke se opp igjen denne , da blir pyramider og kaker virkelig stusselige..

Luciano G (ca) wrote: Weird, cheap but strangely compelling....The special effects scenes work really well, the cinematography does a good job of grounding everything in recognisable reality, with palpable run-down atmosphere. The character seeth as much as the setting, Kate Dickie is most powerful as Mary, high strung, unsettling in the clammy closeness of her concerns for Fergal and convincingly.... Niall Bruton is effective as Fergal, a quiet and haunted fellow with a certain inner grace, Hanna Stanbridge stands out as an earthy and foul mouthed but irresistibly attractive fellow tenant with the hots for Fergal, good contrast to the wilder goings on, while James Nesbitt is great as a grimly determined, ambitious and shifty hunter......Gore and effects are used sparingly but to good effect.... In overall,"Outcast " is a really solid and interesting slice of gritty urban supernatural horror.....

Marius R (jp) wrote: I have never seen why this movie is such a big deal. If it's on in the evening I will fall asleep watching it. It simply not engaging for me but really very dull and boring. A fundamental problem is Rosemary is unsympathetic, uninteresting, and so it never dawns on me to care on way or another what happens to her. The villainous people around are aren't even much to write home about. The Babadook is a better film, and I find it nearly unwatchable for anything other than the sets and lighting.

Sanity Assassin (br) wrote: WOW! that's gotta be the most fucked up love story i've ever seen. the way the story is told, through the questions, keeps you invested. it's filmed REALLY well, intoxicatingly so and never feels anything other than an unexaggerated depiction of poverty in india.