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Carter D (jp) wrote: An amusing, if one sided affair looking at the diverse types of people that make up religious fervour. Would have liked to see more of the international side of the debate than the easy pickings of america's bible belt, but still enjoyable under Maher's cynical guidance and Larry Charles infamous daring.

Tero H (au) wrote: Just a list of pluses and minuses for this movie :+ well acted, nice mountain vistas and landscapes, great music by Prague filharmonic orchestra too.- violence and killing is pretty central in this movie, there's not really much else.. women, children, being killed by vikings. theres very graphic, continuous violence and lots of it in the movie.+ native americans fighting vikings, besides the native americans actually seem like real people not just some imaginary cardboard figures- the characters remain a bit superficial and the plot is ultimately quite simple without much unexpected.+ theres lots of action scenes in general, and the effects are well done.This is like the second film in a row I watched rated 11-44% on flixster (91,000 viewers!) when actually its better than that, especially if one likes action films with lots of sword fights..

Andr D (fr) wrote: "Danny Collins" es una pelcula pequea. A veces parece televisiva. Cuenta la historia de un msico de Rock decadente que al descubrir que John Lennon le escribi una carta de apoyo al inicio de su carrera que nunca llegara a recibir, decide cambiar con su vida antes de que sea demasiado tarde. Gracias a las actuaciones de Al Pacino (en un papel retador), Christopher Plummer (ms que slido) y Annette Bening (encantadora como siempre) y a una direccin a cargo de Dan Fogelman (guionista de la maravillosa "Crazy Stupid Love"), esta pelcula no cae en el sentimentalismo barato y cuenta su historia (basada en hechos reales acontecidos al msico de Folk Steve Tilston) con ternura y elocuencia.

Andrew H (br) wrote: Crap sack of a movie

Carlos M (jp) wrote: While considered by many as the worst of the Star Trek films - and it certainly does have problems -, The Final Frontier is rather enjoyable and has some memorable moments that only fail to raise it to a higher level due to a clear lack of better polishing.

Lucas C (kr) wrote: Oh my fuking god, I can't believe I watched half of this god awfull movie....